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Running Made Simpler for Beginners - Tips and Tricks for Newbies


Running is always considered as one of the best and the fastest ways to burn calories. You can burn a lot of body fat by this simple activity once in a day. Other benefits that running brings to the table are improved cardiovascular function, relief from stress and high blood pressure, tendon building, weight loss and more.

New runners often become embittered with the activity because of several reasons. Yes, this sport is much harder than we all anticipate it to be.

How Soon Does Running Make a Beginner Feel Good?

This is strange but true. It is because everyone as a runner is unique. The time that it takes for all of us to benefit from running or feel good after a run would depend on us and only us as individuals. You can also consider the following factors when endeavoring to find an answer to the question above:

•     How fit are you?

•     How soon do you get tired while running?

•    Are you overweight?

•    If yes, then how many pounds?

•    What is your age?

So, in case you have been really active in your life till now or if you were involved in sports like rugby or basketball during your high school, or if you were able to maintain a proper gym schedule at least 3 or 4 days a week, you can think of choosing running as a part of your daily routine. In addition to this, if you are young and want to lose a few pounds or so, running will help you get the desired results.

Tips and Tricks to become a Consistent Runner

However, there are several things that a new runner can do in order to ease the transition from the first day itself, we suggest you cultivate these habits first. These habits will make sure that running regularly becomes a part of your lifestyle easily. You hopefully will not get sidelined with an injury or frequent burnouts like other beginners out there.

•    Keep Your Expectations on Ground: Don't push Yourself Hard

Running is one of many high-impact activities that we can do stay fit but our body needs time to get used to the stress it entails. You will adjust and things will get much easier, but you will take time to go through the process of adaptation. Be patient and stick with it, you will definitely improve when your body is ready. Don't push yourself too hard as it can lead to joint pain, lethargy and palpitations.


•    Participate in Other Activities to Strengthen Yourself

Mixing cross-training and rest between running days is a sound approach for beginners because this schedule gives their body time to adapt to the stress of running. Yes! You can mix these activities with running and give your body the required time to adapt to more and more stress. Being a newbie you must also prevent yourself from running too many miles before your body is ready to go for more.

•    Perform Your Warm-up Routine Correctly

A number of runners complain that while running they do not start to feel at ease until the first 30 minutes or let's say the first 3 miles. That’s right. You will not be able to run for long or maintain the required endurance level unless you perform enough warm-up to soften up and heat up your joints and muscles. It is very important for you to do proper warm-up exercises so that your body comes in motion and blood circulation can improve making it easier for you to run your target distance.

•    Allow Your Body to Cool Down Properly in Order to Recover

Cooling down your body should not be reserved only for the intermediate or expert runners especially after completing long runs. Beginners should also get into this habit of bringing down their heart rates through walking, stretching or foam rolling after each run they go for. Make sure that you're well hydrated during, before and after your runs. As it will help flush out the lactic acid, toxins and other wastes accumulated in your body and especially your legs.

•    Try to Run Within Groups or With Ones Who Motivate You

Try to go for group runs with your friends or you can also join charity fundraisers that organize marathons and sports competitions. This keeps you on the right track as you connect with people who have a similar idea of health and well being. It is through them that you can also stay motivated.

•    Choose a Training Plan

You can easily find a number of training plans available online, but we believe in keeping everything simple for you. Here is one of the most basic formulae to enhance your running quickly:

•    Train yourself 3-4 days a week

•    Try to run at least for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 days a week (bare minimum)

•    Take a longer run or walk (40 minutes to an hour) on the weekends

•    Take rest or go for other training activities on your off days

•    Run in a group where a conversation is possible

•    Consider cooling down your body by taking regular walk-breaks

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