Choosing the Right Orthotic

Choosing the right Footlogics model for you…

Footlogics offers a wide range of orthotic solutions for most foot problems, activities and types of shoes.
To select the correct Footlogics product for you, the first question you need to ask is

What type of foot problem do I have?

For example, maybe you suffer from heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) or pain in the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia)? Or you may experience pain at the back of the heel (Achilles Tendonitis). Some people have flat feet or fallen arches.
If you have a specific foot problem, please explore our

Foot Complaint Guide (click here).

Some people are just simply looking for general foot comfort because they are on their feet all day at work. Or they are just looking for good support and cushioning under their feet during walking, running or sports.

What type of shoes do you wear?

This is also an important question, as not every Footlogics orthotic will fit into the shoes you wear. To find out exactly which insoles are the right ones for you please go to our

Shoe Type Guide (click here).