Best Beverages for Arthritis

You are not always what you eat and thus don’t go solely by this saying. Although there are some instances that make you want to believe in it but then again believe in them only when they are backed by evidence to support the claim made. People don’t usually put enough thought into what they’re eating or drinking unless they are marred by some sort of illness or disease.

What you eat and drink can and most definitely will affect how you feel. This especially holds true when you are suffering from any kind of bone and/or joint problems. Let’s have a look at the two most commonly had drinks and their effect on our bone and joint health:


This is one of the most-studied drinks in the world. Most of us love it and can’t start our day without it but when it comes to its benefits, we know little to nothing except that when we take black tea with enough sugar and cream in the morning, it gives us a kick that we need to start off our day. Needless to mention almost none of us know what benefits they possess for us when we suffer from arthritis. Many patients are advised to drink green, black and white teas switching between all of them for the most effective defense against arthritis. This is because they are all rich in polyphenols. These are compounds extracted from plants that are believed to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Green and white teas have the highest polyphenol levels. Green tea is typically viewed as the most beneficial for people with bone and joint problem and without a doubt its most active ingredient is epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) which is again a polyphenol. According to studies on antioxidant activity, EGCG is 100 times stronger than vitamins C and E. It also helps prevents cartilage and bone loss.


Another potent concoction that packs a kick is our dear coffee and some researches show that it also has antioxidant polyphenols. You know what that means? It means that having a cup of coffee can help your body fight free radicals and prevent cell damage. Some studies say that coffee may protect us against gout as well. Other than this it is safe to say that we still haven’t come to a solid conclusion that says that coffee either increases or decreases the risk of RA or osteoporosis. As a rule of thumb you should just stick to one or two cups of it in a day. Watch your caffeine intake always. Stay tuned for more on this in our next post.

Side Effects of Vitamin D

Is There A Thing Such As Too Much Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is good for our body and especially for our bone and joint health. There are situations that call for us to have stronger bones and more than flexible joints. This makes Vitamin D extremely important for us. This vitamin also functions as a hormone by playing several roles in keeping our body’s cells normal, healthy and functional. Most of us are not able to get it naturally so they opt for supplements which are readily available in the market. Although very rare this vitamin can also build up in our body and reach toxic levels. Here we are going to discuss some potential side effects of taking too much or excessive Vitamin D over a period of time.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Toxicity

Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and also enhances our immune function. Needless to mention it protects our bone density, muscle and heart health. We can ingest it through various foods that we eat on a daily basis. It can also be produced by our body when we expose our skin to the sun. If you are a fan of fatty fish, you are fortunate because you will most likely not suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. People who are not able to get enough sun exposure and can’t manage time to supplement it in their diets are at a bigger risk of getting heart diseases and joint pain and deterioration at an early age. This is the reason this deficiency has become very common. Studies suggest that close to 1 billion people in the world don’t get enough of it to keep healthy and happy.


You can find easily good supplements for Vitamin D and these are very common. Both Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 are available in the market and can be taken in supplement form. Typically Vitamin D2 is found in abundance in plants whereas Vitamin D3 is produced by our body in response to the sunlight we receive. Vitamin D3 is effective in increasing our blood levels significantly and tests done over a period of time conclude that 100 IU of Vitamin D3 raises your blood levels by 1 ng/ml (2.5 nmol/l. However, extremely high levels of Vitamin D3 in your body can result in blood levels rising above 150 ng/ml (375 nmol/l). You still need to know that toxicity isn’t common and typically occurs in people who are dependent on long-term, high-dose supplements. Therefore, avoid consuming too much Vitamin D by taking supplements with higher amounts than prescribed. More on this in our next post, so stay tuned.





The Twisted Story Of A Twisted Ankle

Yes, ankles are tricky. As we discussed before, they take up almost all of our body weight and this fact gets reinforced every time we feel our ankles getting tired or twisted due to over working or over burdening them. Whether it is a gym session or an aerobics class or some activity like running a marathon or trekking excursions, our ankles take a lot of toll and we often fall short when it comes to taking care of them.

A quick tip – you can try resting your feet with your ankle above your heart. Just find a spot higher than the level of your heart and keep your throbbing feet there. This will calm the pain down and provide immediate relief to your ankles from stiffness and vibrating sensations.

Ankle Supports for Effective Pain Relief

Did I mention vibrating sensations? Yes, I did and that is also a very common occurrence among many people who are actively involved in sports and weightlifting. What causes that vibration? What is the reason for our ankle to go unstable and experience cramps? This is due to weakness in the ankle muscles. When you are supposed to perform a move or stay in a certain way, and as a result experience pain and inflammation or stiffness or vibration in your ankles, that means they are weak.

You can always invest in a supportive garment or a compression sleeve intended for the purpose of supporting them. Yes these are especially designed to create pressure on your weakened muscles and nerve endings and restrict harmful movements that can cause pain, discomfort and swelling. In many cases restricting the harmful movements of the joints can relieve you of pain instantly and that also prevents the problem from getting chronic. Compression clothing is useful in constricting the muscles and keeping them in place. This means that only those muscle fibers are in movement that are required to keep you moving for your most essential tasks without causing any pain or aggravating the problem further. With regular use of compression sleeves or similar garments, you can get rid of the problem very soon. These were some very basic measures that you can take to combat ankle injuries and pain and are very much preventive in nature. We will discuss some useful treatments that are very effective in relieving you of your ankle pain in our next post so stay tuned.


Sarah Murdoch puts her best foot forward to launch a step-a-thon for kids.

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute ambassador Sarah Murdoch has teamed up with swimmer Stephanie Rice and launched a new program for kids to encourage primary schoolers to become more active and raise money at the same time! It's called Step-a-thon and will run from the 2nd to the 8th of September. Children must register on the website and nominate how many steps they can take per day and get family and friends to sponsor them. All funds raised will go to the Murdoch Children's Insitute to research into chilhood illness and disease.

Children who register will receive a free slap-on pedometer so they can easily count the number of steps taken each day.  Sarah Murdoch says the project is a fun and healthy way for kids to help other children.

Please visit the Step-a-thon website for more information and/or to sign up.

Aborigine Sensation Dominates New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is an annual event that draws runners and joggers from all over the world. No matter your skill level, the marathon is simply perfect for running enthusiasts and aficionados. While the East Africans have dominated the event in recent years, the latest victory belongs to a continent of Aboriginals from Australia. Led by Adrian Dodson-Shaw, twelve Indigenous participants helped put Australia back on the running map. From “Gallipoli” to home based races, Aussie athletes have effectively showcased their running skills on the silver screen and pitch. This includes Shaw and his team, which entered the Big Apple frenzy courtesy of Robert de Castella. The latter, of course, is a Commonwealth Games legend that continues to sponsor and mentor athletes from the land down under.

The Passion of Running

Running and jogging is a passion shared by millions of people the world over. For Mr. Shaw, it was the same passion that propelled him to participate in De Castella’s Indigenous marathon project. Like the wintry mix that just blasted upstate New York, Shaw and his fellow runners had to train under grueling conditions at Broome’s Cable Beach. This included plenty of running exercises, along with complete abstinence from alcohol. Under the auspices of De Castella’s mentorship program, Shaw endured a lot to successfully lose 18 kilograms as well. With 42 young Australians successful in the marathon project to date, Adrian also set his sights on meeting his goals and aspirations. This included a fine performance at the New York Marathon, along with helping the resurgence in popularity of running across his home nation.

The Few. The Proud. The Aussies

Shaw’s performance at the marathon really drew the admiration and respect of his fellow countrymen. Not only did Adrian complete the marathon in its entirety, he also sustained a number of injuries on the way. While it’s great to partake in physical fitness activities and shed those unwanted pounds, you must also protect your feet at all times. As an industry leader in foot and ankle care, Footlogics can help you prevent a number of running and jogging related injuries. This includes ankle rolling, along with Achilles tendonitis and the dreaded plantar fasciitis. From wearing orthotics to specially designed shoes, the site offers valuable insight and tips on how to tackle and counter foot and ankle problems. Whether you need shin splits or have to see a podiatrist or foot specialist, the experts at Footlogics will truly help you at every turn.

A True Inspiration

Everyone knows the health benefits associated with short or long distance running. Not only does this activity strengthen vital muscles, tendons, and bones, it also improves your respiratory system. Still, running is not exempt from mishaps and injuries. This is especially true for those that wear poorly fitted shoes or accessories. By donning these items, you become more susceptible to irreparable harm and damage. As a true inspiration for Australians of all ages, Mr. Shaw showed that anything could be achieved through hard work and determination. Whether it’s competing in the NY Marathon or simply climbing the ladder of corporate success, you must work with diligence to achieve timely and lasting results.


Canberra Black Mountain Run Up

The Black Mountain Run Up is a weekly series hosted by the Australian Mountain Running Association. The running and walking events are held on the third Tuesday of every month, and feature runners and walkers of all levels. The events are always free and continue to soar in regional and national popularity. As part of the weekly run, a 2.6km trek emanates from Clunies Ross Street and passes several landmarks in Canberra up to the summit of Black Mountain. From seasoned runners and enthusiasts to walking aficionados, everyone performs at their own pace with no time restrictions or rigid protocols to follow.

Areas of Interest

The Black Mountain Run Up and Power Walk features an exciting track that truly captures the allure and essence of Mother Nature. As a haven for walking and running activities, Australia is known for its weekly, monthly, and yearly events. No matter your skill level, the power walk is a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only do these weekly walks and runs improve cardiovascular and respiratory performance, they also help burn fat and calories. This helps convert problem areas to lean muscle, while effectively shaping and toning the thigh and legs. As part of the run and walk, you will get to see the immaculate beauty of the Botanical Gardens. The tour then takes you to Frith Road and ends at the summit track adjacent to the Black Mountain reserve. If looking to build endurance, strength, balance, and agility, now is the perfect time to join your fellow Aussies in this exciting and fruitful run.

The Australian Mountain Running Association

The Australian Mountain Running Association, AMRA, is synonymous with top-notch mountain hiking and running events each year. They have long been known as the epicenter for running and king enthusiasts in the region. Over the years, however, the organization has also put a strong emphasis on walking safety and performance. As part of our daily and weekly blogs, we have covered a myriad of foot related disorders and common issues. This includes plantar fasciitis, along with limited ankle motion range, heel spurs, ingrown nails, and so much more. Our blogs have also showcased the best treatment options on the market today, along with the growing benefits of wearing orthotics and insoles courtesy of Footlogics. If you love walking, running, or hiking in AMRA events, add an extra stride to your step with true balance and optimal comfort. Simply visit our and take advantage of the latest in cutting edge insoles, medicinal shoes, and other products guaranteed to secure maximum flexibility and performance.

Running for Life

Australia is simply a nation of runners and health conscious individuals. Who can ever forget the Aussie sensations Mel Gibson and Mark Lee who sprinted their way to international stardom in “Gallipoli”? With so many running events on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, the nation continues to lead the world in athletics and health conscious sporting events. We here at Footlogics support the AMRA in helping to promote running and walking is an integral part of any daily fitness or health regimen.

For more information on the Black Mountain Run up, simply visit:






Fewer People Addressing Their Foot Problems These Days

Foot problems are continuing to soar at alarming rates. As part of our weekly blog series, Footlogics has offered timely and effective solutions for those suffering from common foot ailment. This includes plantar fasciitis, along with flat feet and other issues. While most people have benefitted from using our custom orthotics and insoles, millions still choose not to address their foot pain for a myriad of reasons. According to a study based last year by the University of Maryland, nearly 77% of Americans have or continue to experience varying degrees of foot pain. This study correlated with recent findings published by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

APMA Recent Foot Pain Survey

As part of a recent survey conducted by leading foot specialists and podiatrists, over 50% of Americans now suffer from extensive or mild foot pain. As part of the survey, 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older were tested for common and intricate foot disorders. While nearly all were found to have some type of foot pain or discomfort, only a third were willing to seek expert podiatric care. The survey and tests were implemented to monitory and study the public’s attitudes towards foot care. While these numbers are discouraging for most podiatrist and foot experts, many within the foot care community believe there is still hope for those that are willing to address their foot issues in a timely and professional manner.

Additional Survey Results

Foot pain can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life. In fact, it can result in severe immobility that prevents people from enjoying daily activities with their loved ones. Half of the adults surveyed also echoed these sentiments when it came to simply walking, exercising, working, or playing with their grandkids. According to recent figures published by the American Medical Association, nearly 83 percent of people in the country are now experiencing chronic foot pain. These numbers have increased dramatically from last year and experts believe there is no end in sight. Many of the folks surveyed also reported that if it were not for their foot pain, they would be able to exercise and participate in more activities on a daily basis. According to the survey, the numbers of people that are now taking their foot problems seriously in the nation are around 39-41%.

What the Experts are Saying

According to APMA President Frank Spinosa, DPM, “It’s not surprising to see how many people are affected by foot pain, when survey results show that we view our feet as the least important body part in terms of our overall health and wellbeing,” Spinosa also went on to say that “Our feet are literally and figuratively the furthest things from our minds.” This sentiment is shared by countless podiatrists and foot experts throughout the world. Sadly, many individuals wait until irreparable harm and damage has occurred before they secure podiatric help. With more surveys in progress, one can only assume that more facts and findings regarding foot care in America will be presented. At Footlogics, we can never stress the importance of having your feet checked on a periodic basis. This can help pinpoint exact causes of pain, while securing timely remedies and solutions before it’s too late.

The Many Health Benefits of Walking

TThere are several health benefits associated with walking. Whether on treadmills or around the block, walking exercises nearly every muscle, tendon, and joint in the body. It is also a great way to burn calories and fat, while effectively shedding those unwanted pounds. Like jogging and running, walking is designed to improve respiratory functionality and performance. It can even improve circulatory issues, along with shaping and toning thighs and legs. Brisk walks have also been proven to secure better mental clarity for those experiencing severe stress and anxiety.

The Right Footwear is Essential

According to leading fitness experts and gurus, walking is simply the best exercise to drop pounds and stimulate the body. In fact, one should strive to walk at least 30-45 minutes a day to reap timely results. Without the right footwear, however, walking can be a tedious and challenging task for some. From scientifically tested sneakers to insoles and orthotics, having the best footwear can truly put an extra stride in your step. Footlogics is committed to helping people suffering from common and intricate foot problems and disorders. As part of our weekly blog series, however, we have always highlighted the importance of walking for everyday health and fitness. If you are serious about getting back into shape and leading a healthier lifestyle, our walking and jogging products will truly meet your needs within time and budget.

The Right Stride is Paramount

Daily walking can help alleviate common pain and tension. People suffering from diabetes have also reported the many health benefits of walking. This includes shedding weight, along with improving blood flow and especially cardiovascular performance. There are, however, many different styles of walking as it pertains to exercise. This includes speed-walking, which is designed to convert fat into lean muscle and tone legs. Speed-walking, however, is usually synonymous with those that are already in shape or have met their desired fitness goals. There is also brisk walking, which is done at a faster pace with intervals for breathing. Most people, however, walk at their own pace, while monitoring heartbeats and other essentials. No matter which form you prefer, it is paramount to secure the best stride to foster timely and lasting results.

Walking for Balance

Walking is also a great way to ensure proper balance in the body. Not only can you get a better posture, you can truly help establish a connection between the mind and body. People with vertigo and imbalance issues have taken on light walking to find their centers again. Most podiatrists and foot experts also recommend walking to prevent common and extensive foot ailments such as heel pain and other foot problems. This includes flat fleet, along with plantar fasciitis and other issues. With a wide range of orthotics from Footlogics, you can build endurance and speed without the fear of stumbling or falling. If costly surgical procedures to repair foot problems are out of the question, walking is simply the best natural remedy on the planet. Whether you love hiking or nature strolls, walking continues to improve health in millions of people across the globe.

5 Great Walking Destinations

While we discussed the many health benefits of walking in our last post, today we cover some of the great walking destinations in the world. From hiking and biking to walking trails, there are plenty of paths nestled in serene and tranquil environments. Several of these walking paths are also located in state parks – blanketed by captivating scenery and picturesque backdrops. According to walking enthusiasts and aficionados, selecting the right path is merely based on your specific geographic location. For example: folks that reside in Houston can always enjoy the long stretches at Memorial Park, which features winding trails and a haven for fitness and exercise gurus.

The East Coast – U.S.A

The East Coast of America is known for its hilly terrain and natural wildlife preserves. From Vermont to the Carolinas, there are also several walking treks that attract people from all over the country and world. This includes Caumsett State Park in New York, which features plenty of walking trails for nature lovers. The site also attracts campers and has been the perfect venue for nature studies over the years. Camusett walking trails are windy at best and really help people improve their cardiovascular performance and conditioning. Another great destination for walking is located in Burlington, Vermont. The state park and reservoirs feature extensive paths that are perfect for sightseeing, nature walks, and especially speed walking for fitness groups.

The West Coast – U.S.A

The West Coast of America is also no stranger to walking paths and treks. No truer is this then when it comes to the Grand Canyon National Park. As one of the 8 Wonders of the World, there are 15 official trails in and out of the canyon. There are also observation platforms for sightseeing, along with camping grounds and hiking paths. With more than 5 million visitors each year, the Canyon is simply the perfect spot for walking, hiking, and nature expeditions. If looking for solitude during your walking routines, the South Rim is the place to be. The North Rim is a bit busier in terms of sightseers, campers, and those looking for the commercial aspects of the park.

The UK – Scotland

The UK hosts a number of walking tours and vacations for guests each year. Whether for tourists or locals, the best walking path is located in Scotland. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow are the world-renowned Scottish Highlands. With miles of rugged and hilly terrain, the Highlands offer the perfect adventure for walking, hiking, and nature lovers. While there are literally hundreds of paths to trek on, none posses the challenge and enjoyment that Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg offers. From the Peak District to the Welsh countryside, you will truly experience Mother Nature at her finest. The area is surrounded by Scottish hamlets, farms, and over 10 miles of beautiful but rugged walking trails and hills. While mainly for rock and low mountain climbers, these paths are simply a must for anyone that wants to experience the ultimate sensation of walking.

The Walking Paths of Spain – Camino de Santiago

Spain is one of the most beautiful and visited nations on earth. From the exciting nightlife of Madrid to the art museums of Barcelona, Spain is simply offer something for everyone. The country is also synonymous with 5-star restaurants, and is the epicenter for fine arts, fashion, and culture. For many years, however, Spain has also been a haven for those that love walking, hiking, bicycling, and camping. In fact, the country features several walking events and holidays each year – along with guided tours for one and all. Perhaps the best walking experience in Spain is courtesy of Camino de Santiago. Situated in Northwestern Spain, these walking treks and routes have been heralded for their immaculate scenery and weather. With thousands of visitors every year, the number of walking tours has increased dramatically. Not only can you truly get the best walking workouts ever, you will get to explore the culture and spirituality of the region – which was once the main walking routes for St. James and other religious patrons.

Great Walks of Tasmania

Tasmania is truly paradise on earth. With unique natural beauty and stunning imagery, this Australian island is heralded for its picturesque scenery and exotic wildlife. As one of the world’s best secrets, Tasmania has pretty much been an isolated destination for years. In recent years, however, the island has seen a dramatic increase of tourists and visitors. This is especially true when it comes to those that want to explore this enchanted wilderness, while trekking across 300km of prime walking trails and tracks. With expert guided tours, Tasmania is rapidly becoming the premier walking destination on earth.

Whether for family vacations of walking holidays, you will absolutely love the long stretches of walking and winding path. The low hills and countryside appeal make Tasmania the perfect getaway for corporate or family retreats. You will also get to experience the best in Tasmanian food and wine, along with local delicacies and entrees. After a great meal with friends and loved ones, you can embark on walking or camping trips at your luxury. If you love the great outdoors, Tasmania is guaranteed to soothe the body, mind, and soul.

Be sure to be well-equiped for your next walking adventure!

If you’re a first-time long-distance walker or an experienced walker, having the right footwear is paramount! Good quality walking shoes are a must, and if you need extra support or re-alignment Footlogics orthotics can help you. We have a wide range of orthotics to suit all types of footwear and foot complaints.  if you have any questions, please call or e-mail us. We’re here to assist.

Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot care is simply essential for any person – no matter the age. Sadly, many of us often overlook foot pain and tension in our daily lives. This is due to work and family life, which leaves us little to no time to take care of the foot. While aching muscles is synonymous with foot pain, injuries can also occur at anytime. No truer is this then when it comes to sports mishaps, along with simply walking and falling. To effectively secure injury prevention, you should consider wearing orthotics and soles. These innovative supplements offer optimal comfort, while restoring proper balance and agility. Orthotics and medicinal shoes are also vital in tackling foot sprains and even conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

Injury Prevention Tips

Along with orthotics, having the right footwear is also paramount. This allows your toes to breathe, while preventing injuries and common sprains. From sneakers to shoes, your footwear must be comfortable enough to ensure proper mobility and flexibility. According to leading podiatrists and foot care specialists, footwear should be more about comfort than fashion. Sadly, many people opt for shoes that are tight but trendy and fashionable. This can lead to bunions, along with sores, pain, and a myriad of other foot-related issues. If you are deeply concerned about protecting the feet and injury prevention, it is vital to have the right shoes at all times.

High-top Sneakers

If you are active in sports, the benefits of donning high-top sneakers are plenty. Not only do high-tops protect the ankles, they also prevent limited motion range and secure better balance. From tennis to basketball, one should never wear flat-tops – as these do not secure optimal injury prevention. Along with orthotics and regular checkups with the podiatrist – wearing the right footwear and even massaging the feet at night is essential. The latter secure proper blood flow, which helps reenergize the feet and give it the stride it needs to perform daily functions.

The Footlogics Difference

Footlogics is an industry leader in orthotic insoles for every type of footwear. They also feature informative articles and tips on injury prevention. As part of their weekly blog series, the Australian-owned brand has helped countless foot pain sufferers with timely tips on remedies. This includes medicinal shoes, along with insoles that help tackle foot, knee, and even lower back pain. From shin splints to guards and more, Footlogics remains committed to helping people with foot problems restore proper mobility and balance. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to access a wealth of information and products that will truly meet your needs within time and budget.

For more information on foot care tips, please visit Footlogics and take advantage of daily sales and promotions. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page and press “like” as well. With so much emphasis on foot care these days, now is the right time to get your stride back. If you suffer from foot pain of any kind, simply contact the team and experience the difference!