Orthotics for work

Orthotics for work Footlogics

For many people work means standing or walking for long hours, often on hard unforgiving surfaces like concrete or tiles. Whether you are a nurse, chef, teacher, retail manger or assistant, or work in the building industry your feet will suffer! And standing all day, not only affects your feet! It can also lead to aching legs, knees – even low back pain.

Footlogics offers a range of orthotics to protect and support your feet. Footlogics Workmate is a unique insole with orthotic properties, that provide both support and cushioning. Closed-cell P.U. and gel padding in the heel and forefoot provide excellent cushioning and ‘bounce-back’. A firm plastic outer shell combined with the insole’s anatomic contours delivers support for the entire foot and re-alignment of the ankle and lower leg. The result is 100% walking comfort, protecting the feet and body from hard surfaces, and preventing pain, fatigue and injury.  An excellent orthotic insole for work boots, joggers and all other types of lace-up shoes. For slip-on shoes, heels etc we offer Footlogics Casual or Versa.