Shoe Type Guide

Selecting the right Footlogics model for the shoes you wear is very important!

Generally speaking, Footlogics orthotics are not ‘bulky’ and there’s no need to buy a new pair of (larger) shoes. However, some insoles fit better in certain shoe types than others, please click the following shoe image closest to the shoe you are wanting to wear your orthotics in.

Lace-up shoes/joggers and work boots

– Will typically fit our Full Length orthotics

Sports and running shoes

– Tennis/basketball/netball/cricket/hockey

Women’s ballet flats, fashion shoes, sandals and boots


Open toe/narrow ended shoes

– any of our 3/4 length products are designed for these types of shoes

High heels

Football/soccer boots

– Rugby/AFL/Soccer

Cycling cleats

Thongs/Flip flops

Orthotic Thong MensWhite Womens Thong for heel pain