The Dangers of Wearing High-Heels

The dangers of wearing high heels

High heels continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, they are still considered very trendy and chic in many circles. No truer is this then when it comes to women looking to make a fashion statement. While high heels are certainly fashionable, the number of injuries associated with wearing these shoes has dramatically increased. In fact, high-heel related injuries have tripled between 2002 and 2015. This is according to a new study published in The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery. In 2002, there were 7.097 high-heel related injuries for women in the U.S. As of this year, the number has increased to well over 20,000.

High-Heel Injury Related Research

According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, an estimated 123,355 high heel injuries resulted in trips to the ER for immediate medical treatments. The research was based on a 10-year span with the data being collected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Electronic Injury Surveillance System. The research also concluded that most injuries happened to women between the ages of 20-39. According to foot specialists and podiatrists, high-heels can reduce ankle muscle movement, while affecting balance and stability. Furthermore, high-heels cause limited ankle range resulting in a loss of control and injuries that can be fatal. Wearing these shoes on a constant basis can even damage toenails, as well as the lower back and knees. Possible never damage is also attributed to wearing high-heels for extended periods of time.

Where Most High-Heel Related Injuries Occur

While most people assume high-heel injuries result on concrete or pavement, recent statistics have surprised many people that wear these shoes. According to the statistics and research, a high-volume of injuries happens at the home or office. This means it’s essential to don the right footwear even in the comfort of your home. The lead investigator also stated that safety should supersede comfort when it comes to buying shoes, sneakers, or lavish and elegant high-heels. A great way to test the safety of your existing or new pairs is by simply wearing them and walking around at home. If you stumble or feel a fall is coming, immediately remove these shoes and return or toss them away. Even with the most comfortable footwear, you have to ensure all shoes are safe to wear and convenient for mobility and balance.

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