The Most Common Causes of Foot Pain

The Most Common Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain can be caused by a myriad of factors. This includes standing for extensive periods of time, along with running or even walking. While underlying issues may exist, these problems are usually treatable. One of the main causes of foot pain is simply wearing the wrong types of shoes. These are shoes that simply do not fit or contour to the feet, along with being too narrow or short. The result is feet that are unable to breathe or stretch – causing mild to excruciating pain. Improper footwear also fails to secure proper depth, cushioning, stability, and especially motion control. This can cause severe immobility – especially for those with existing foot problems and ankle motion range issues.

Common Statistics

Based on existing statistics and research, women are nine times more likely to develop foot problems than men. This is because they are accustomed to wearing high-heels and other footwear that is simply uncomfortable. Women also tend to get more bunions, sores, and extensive foot problems due to fashionable and trendy footwear. While these shoes may seem glamorous, extensive wear can lead to severe immobility and even falls. In fact, 9 out of 10 women’s foot problems are directly attributed to wearing tight-fitting shoes. In order to effectively alleviate the pain and tension, there are a range of treatment options available.

Treatment for Foot Pain

Treatment of foot pain depends on the severity of the issue. For mild pain, podiatrists and foot doctors may recommend massage treatments. This will be accompanied by topical solutions and medicine to bring down the swelling in affected areas. For more extensive issues, however, surgical procedures may need to be implemented to correct the issues at hand. No truer is this then when it comes to chronic plantar fasciitis, along with damage to joints, tendons, and muscle tissue. As a cost-affordable alternative, orthotics and insoles are designed to help alleviate the pain and tension across the board. These products only help restore proper balance and agility; they can even help correct posture and dramatically reduce lower back pain. If surgery is not option for you, try orthotics and insoles from Footlogics and reap the results today.

Common Foot Problems

If you suffer from everyday foot pain and are considering treatment options – it is important to understand certain terms and definitions. The following is a comprehensive list of common foot problems, which can be treated via medicinal shoes and insoles found at Footlogics:

Hammer Toes – Hammer toe is a deformity of the toe in which the end of the toe is bent downward.
Plantar Fasciitis – Typically felt on the underside of the heel, this pain is often most intense with the first steps of the day.
Pes Cavus – A high arched foot with pressure points on the sole and heel.
Pes Planus – A flat foot that is typically flexible.
Pronation – Foot pronation will cause the sole of the foot to face more laterally (outwardly or inward) than when standing in a normal position.
Bunions – A bunion is a painful deformity of the bones and joint between the foot and the big toe.
Shin Splits – The term “shin splints” refers to pain along the shinbone (tibia)” the large bone in the front of your lower leg.
Neuromas – Caused by a benign nerve growth, pain is usually felt between the third and fourth toes.
Posterior Tibia Tendonitis – Pain in the inside of the foot and ankle, and on occasion problems associated with an unstable gait.
Metatarsalgia – A condition marked by pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot.
Supination – A person that has supinated feet is sometimes said to be “bow-legged” or have a “high arch.”

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