Footlogics CASUAL


3/4-length orthotic fallen arches, flat feet, heel pain and heel spurs. Fits in all types of slip-on shoes without laces, also suitable for flat or low-heeled sandals.



Footlogics Casual – 3/4-length orthotic for fallen arches, flat feet, heel pain and heel spurs. Fits in all types of slip-on shoes without laces, also suitable for flat or low-heeled sandals.

  • 3/4 orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and other common foot complaints
  • Corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • Fits in all types of flat or low-heeled slip-on shoes without laces
  • Made of light-weight E.V.A. and cushioning Durapontex
  • Shock-absorbing heel padding
  • Deep heel cup and strong arch support

Price: $29.95 per pair + $4.95 P & H

FREE shipping if you order any 2 pairs of Footlogics products, or more

90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy

Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 1300 788 119


  1. Bret

    The Footlogics Casual 3/4 inserts are my second set (dogs destroyed the first set), they provide excellent support and relief from foot and knee pain.

  2. Tanya Chicklet

    These are great thank you. I have totally flat feet & these give me the support I need. Comparable to the custom made orthotics I once had at a fraction of the price.

  3. Wendy Nicholas

    I walk a lot and have developed plantar fasciitis in both feet, which has meant I have been unable to walk without pain. I ordered the orthotics online after much research, and have been using them for a couple of days and have found them to be very supportive, the pain is starting to ease, and I hope to be back to walking easily very soon. Thank you, Footlogics, for helping me get back to doing what I enjoy. And I love the bright green colour!

  4. Wendy Nicholas

    I walk a lot and have developed plantar fasciitis in both feet, which has meant I have been unable to walk without pain. I ordered the orthotics online after much research, and have been using them for a couple of days and have found them to be very supportive, the pain is starting to ease, and I hope to be back to walking easily very soon. Thank you, Footlogics, for helping me get back to doing what I enjoy. And I love the bright green colour! Wendy, TAS

  5. monsie pickles

    I love the feeling of being stepping properly with the CASUAL insoles, My feet feel cosy inside the boots…

  6. monsie pickles

    I love the feeling of being stepping proprerly with the CASUAL insoles, My feet feel cosy inside the boots…

  7. Kerry Miglietti

    These are fabulous and my feet were feeling better after the first wear. I have very high arches and none of my shoes have enough support for my feet. I’m on my feet a lot for work, so they were becoming extremely painful resulting in plantar fasciitis in my left foot. New work shoes seemed to aggravate the issue, so after an internet search, I came across these inserts. I’m so glad I purchased them; after my first day of wearing them at work, I no longer felt my heel pain. I‘m very happy with them and will be purchasing more.

  8. TK

    Best of both product’s quality and customer support. Don’t waste of your time and money with other unreliable products (like me in the past). Through my thousand days of experience using footlogics, I can confirm that this is the best product which’s developed to solve foot pain problem and improve quality of life.
    I surely believe that you can feel the different from the 1st time of use and order more items because it work best !

  9. caroline Mcintyre

    Sensitive knees (ACL injury) fallen arches and consequently tight achilles and calves everytime I was walking and exercising to the point I had to stop.
    Once I received this product, I went for a two hours bushwalk and came back with no pain at all. The 3/4 lentgh is perfect as I didn’t need to increase my size shoe as well. With previous full size inserts, shoes became too tight for the front foot. Highly recommended to everyone with similar problems. Exactly what I was looking for at a great price. Fantastic customer service too.

  10. Kevin

    Too early to say. I have previously used ICB firm orthotics. Footlogic casual are quite soft by comparison so I have some reservation about their performance and durability. Time will tell.

  11. Michele Gold

    Fantastic product! Great advice on the phone before ordering, received the products I ordered very quickly and now after a week or so very much feeling the benefit of these orthotics. Don’t hesitate!

  12. Jane Lloyd

    All the orthotics I have purchased have helped considerable with my feet issues. Also love that the orders come through very quickly – no excuses about postal delays!

  13. Lynette

    Very good

  14. 888

    Great for dressy boots!

  15. Claire Richardson

    I am very happy with my purchase (even moreso as it came on the back of a negative experience with a podiatrist and more expensive off-the-shelf inner soles purchased elsewhere). Great customer service and great product. I purchased both the Footlogics Casual and Footlogics Comfort orthotics due to flat feet which was causing sore knees. Postage was quick, and the orthotics are really good quality, very comfortable and reduce the pain in my knees. I wasn’t sure if an off-the-shelf product would be effective as historically I had molded orthotics. However the Footlogics orthotics work just as well as the molded orthotics I had previously (and they work significantly better than a $500 pair of off-the-shelf inner soles that I thankfully got a refund on prior to my Footlogics purchase). I have already recommended them to multiple family members with flat feet!

  16. Ed

    Great product. Good quality and swift arrival. If you are a size 9 mens, my recommendation would be to go the large. Incredible customer service as well. All around a great company.

  17. Tamis Pin

    I always need to wear orthotics because of my low foot arch. This is the first time I bought from Footlogics. They are good fit with great price. The orthotics arrived very quickly. No hassles.

  18. Ray Hollingsworth

    Love them! What a difference it makes to be out of pain. Thank you. I have a torn ligament in the lower back of the leg and it has taken the pressure off it so I can be pain free. Such a great result. Highly recommend these for everyone.

  19. Marianne Kay

    Excellent orthotic for plantar fasciitis that fits in all my shoes. As good as the very expensive one I have made from my podiatrist. Enough support for high impact workout too.

  20. Elisa Ardill

    These inserts are very comfortable and easy to wear. You just have to ensure your shoes are deep enough to accommodate them.

  21. Andi

    Every member of my family now has a pair of these. High enough arch support for our flat feet, soft/flexible enough to be approved by our orthopaedic specialist and small enough to fit into boots and ladies casual (non-gym) shoes.

  22. SL

    Super happy with these inserts. I overpronate and have fallen arches, which makes it tricky to achieve or maintain correct form when working out, causing unnecessary additional strain on joints and muscles in my lower body. I’ve been using these inserts in my shoes while doing cardio and strength training, and can definitely see/feel improvement in my form – and without any of the previous muscle or joint pain – due to the improved positioning and support in my feet. Overall an effective product at a great price, and complemented by a positive customer service experience, as well. I’ll definitely be a returning customer and would recommend this product to others where appropriate.

  23. Lou P

    While I am a full -time wheelchair user I am still able to stand and shuffle in order to transfer,. I have two pairs of shoes however, that I have recently been unable to use for this purpose as they are quite flat and both of my feet pronate. Purchased these orthotic insoles, popped them in my shoes and voilà! Perfect result so I can now give my one remaining pair of rather smelly shuffle shoes a break. Will definitely be buying another pair of insoles for other shoes. Thank you Footlogics.

  24. Brian

    I suffer PF on and off due to the large amount of walking I do on a daily basis. I thought I would try these for my slip on dress boots I wear almost daily. It took a few days to get use to them, but they seem to be making a difference so far.

  25. Sara Menke

    OMG 🙂 So awesome!!! Have had them from post too shoes and the most unbelievable and happy experience for my feet and body!!

  26. Trev

    Very good

  27. Karin Ricketts

    I bought these 2 days ago and OMG amazing. 2 years of p f and pain in knees,hips,calves and lower back. I’m on my feet all day in aged care and the last 2 days have been the best my legs have ever had. Thankyou. I have tried every kind of shoe and orthotic and these are awesome and 1/4 the price. I wear 6.5 to 7 and the xs were perfect. I will be getting more for all my other shoes. Thanks again.

  28. Patricia

    Casual model perfect for me. Plantar fasciitis problem helped tremendously. Open toe slip on sandals and the casual with round sticky pad makes sure they don’t move around. Very impressive superior design and quality product. I’m very confident to buy other types for different shoes. So glad I discovered this site.

  29. Vicki

    I wear a size 5 ladies shoe . I purchased women’s 5-6.5 which are a perfect fit for my foot . They do not fit in all my shoes and they do alter the fit of the shoe I placed them in , by raising my heel slightly , making the shoe slide off slightly when walking in them . I put them in my slippers which works well . I have tiled floors and the aim is to minimise walking on hard surfaces . Good price compared to custom made by a podiatrist .

  30. katepowe

    Yet to give them a good trial but as an overpronator, these already feel comfortable and help my knee alignment and pain when walking – thanks guys!

  31. Andrea

    Fantastic! Have only had for a few days but already my heel pain is a lot less and also my back pain has gone. Have already recommended to family members. Excellent service arrived within days .

  32. Terry

    A great product after using the inserts for a few days the pain in my ankle disappeared.
    The customer service is second to none, fast delivery and I was kept informed of the progress all the way.

  33. Janette Mana

    When I discovered the Footlogics Casual, they gave me the freedom to walk comfortably, which I had not been able to do for many years. The Footlogics Casual are wonderful. I have a pair for every shoe and sneaker. I cannot walk without them as I have osteo in both my feet. They are comfortable and fit my foot and shoe perfectly. I’ve used Footlogics Casual for many years and will continue to do so.

  34. Sonja Marshall

    With a fraction of the price I have used these orthotics for a couple of years and can afford to keep one in every shoe even my slippers. The pain in my feet have totally disappeared.

  35. Katrina Bagic

    Best orthotics and at a great price, even better than my expensive tailor made pair. Will not bother with those again when these feel so much better. Highly recommend especially since I have plantar fasciitis. These are a god send. Makes such a difference to standing on my feet for up to 8hrs a days thank you so much!

  36. Brian

    I have just started using. I have found that my legs and feet feel so much fresher and less painful after a day wearing Footlogics inserts. I have tried 2 different Podiatrists over the past few years to find a solution that is both COMFORTABLE and effective, but I have really struggled. So far the Footlogics just seem to work! Thanks

  37. Lee-Anne

    Fits all my court shoes and nobody can tell. Makes all my shoes so comfortable. Time will tell if they actually help my over pronation.

  38. Kulwinder Singh

    I recently bought this product and found the best orthotic for me ,I was having so much problem with my foot 👣 so much sore all the times after using foot logics orthotic I feel the difference in two days .Thanks to Foot Logics

    • admin

      Hi Kulwinder, We are so glad to hear you are loving our product. Thank you for your feedback.

  39. EJ

    I purchased these a few weeks ago, they fit really well in my Converse sneakers and my Rollies, giving me extra support. I have since purchased other items from this store.

  40. Judith Clark

    I bought this product for plantar fasciitis which has helped, although not completely relieved the pain, inserts have definitely helped with having less painful feet.

  41. Loma Wright

    Very good product for casual shoes. They arrived with the inner soles within a couple of days to country NSW. Very impressed. Thank you.

  42. Diane Singh

    Best orthotic I have found.

  43. Larra

    This is my second set I can’t believe I used to live with the pain sore knees sore lower back. After my first day instant relief and never looked back have worn them in my work shoes everyday and lasted well over a year before needing to be replaced. Please don’t hesitate to purchase from footlogics great product great price and great to deal with.

  44. Cathy Adrian

    VERY pleased with my purchase, super comfy, good price and quick delivery. I also liked that they gave some info on plantation fasciitis. Thank you.

  45. William

    Great product far superior to other orthotic insoles on the market and super quick delivery.

  46. Vicki Apokis

    I have been using this orthotics for over 3 years. Previously I was getting cortisone shots in my hips & heels every 3-4 months. I have barely needed the use of cortisone since I inserted these orthotics in my shoes. So yes, I thoroughly recommend this product

  47. Noela

    I have been using these for nearly 4 years. They have corrected my feet problems. Easy to slide into all my different shoes. I have several pairs. Have bought the Tiki Girl Thongs too for when I’m at home. Online shopping was so quick and easy. Keep the label for reordering.

  48. Kim, Vic

    With working from home, I wasn’t wearing solid shoes but a range of more casual options (yes, including ugg boots I admit it) and I found my formerly well-controlled pain returning. I bought an extra couple of pairs of the Casuals to stick in the more casual shoe options (yes, including the ugg boots) and it has made a big difference. Combined with wearing the solid footwear during the day, my pain is subsiding. One unforseen consequence of the coronavirus response of working from home – foot problems from not wearing proper shoes!! A necessary investment in self-care in these uncertain times.

  49. ij_m

    Just what I needed. Only been using them for a few days but can feel relief from hip and knee pain already

  50. John N

    Excellent product just what was required to help with foot problems. Online service is excellent. Delivery very quick.

  51. John

    Excellent product I got relief from knee pain immediately. Love them.

  52. Leon Chilcott

    After changing from custom orthotics to a supposed fix all support, pain started across the metatarsal area of my feet. Having suffered this for a few days I researched and found Footlogics.
    Since using the Casuals in sandals and slip-on shoes the pain has gone and they support my feet in a similar way to the custom orthotics – at a much more affordable price.

  53. Tina

    About 3 months ago I slowly developed left foot and knee pain and it slowed me more and more down on my daily long walk, which I usually do after or before work.
    I tried all kinds of foot inserts from different brands and none helped. A week ago I found Foot logics and ordered last week on Friday. I received the Orthotics Tuesday afternoon and straight away put them into my shoes. The first thing I noticed when walking a few steps where my left foot started to make some relaxing cracking sounds. I went with them in my light shoes on my evening walk and more cracking sounds in my left foot.
    On this evening I still had a 1.5 hour Skype talk with one of my clients. When the conversation was over, I got up of my seat and felt a sharp and intense pain in my left knee and could feel a very light crack. I was thinking that often it gets a bit worse before things get better and was not too worried.

    Next day on Wednesday I again put them into my shoe and walked as much as I could during my workday and also again on my evening walk. My knee still hurt a bit, the foot was already much better.
    On Thursday I did the same. Wearing them during the day in my office and running errands with them in my shoes and also during my evening walk. Wow, as my foot, legs and back felt so much better I started again with speed walking and to my astonishment, no pain.
    When I went to bed it was the first time in 3 months that I had zero foot or knee pain. I felt so happy.
    I am SO grateful for this wonderful product and am intending to bring this to my mother in Europe on my coming trip, who has foot and leg pain due to misalignment in her spine. I think it will also help her ease the pain

    Thank you Foot logics. I highly recommend this product.

  54. Ginny

    The orthotics are great, the same as the podiatrist prescribed- love that I can buy them directly; it’s a big money saver. They fit in most shoes- make them a joy to wear again!

  55. Peter Jackson

    Yep! Good product at an affordable price. Prompt delivery too. Have been wearing orthotic inserts for many years now. This is my first set of Footlogics.

  56. Jadeen

    I’ve dealt with footlogics multiple times now and have always experienced excellent service and a great product for an affordable price. I will continue to purchase these great products from this great company. Thank you.

  57. Josie Pain

    I have a problem with flat feet and over-pronation. These are great for my narrower shoes. They certainly help with my hip, low back, and knee pain. Good price and great service. Thank you.

  58. Laura Faiers

    The best shoe inserts, podiatrist told me I should try those. I have very small feet and high arches .


    Great product s , this was my 2nd order delivery was quick, arriving within a few days … PF was just starting after 1 week virtually gone

  60. Ramiro

    Great product, like everything I have bought from you guys over the years. Keep up the great work and keep saving aussies hundreds of dollars!

  61. Sarah Maslan

    I bought these XS men’s for my 9 year old Son (kid’s shoe size 4) who was complaining of constant heel pain. Instant relief. He is wearing them everyday to school and for sport and has definitely made him happier. Fast delivery!

  62. Lynnette Parsonson+

    I have PF and have been struggling with the constant pain while walking. Decided to try the Footlogics Casual, although not with any confidence. The inserts arrived promptly and I began using them immediately. I am completely honest when I say they gave me incredible relief from severe pain when walking. Using them has enabled me to wear shoes I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear again, and the pain from my PF has lessened since using the inserts. Thanks Footlogics, not only am I a convert, I’ll be purchasing more.

  63. james Cox

    My husband recently purchased two pairs of the three quarter casual orthotics for me. They are fantastic, no more pain. Regards Cas

  64. Lisa

    Wow!!!! I have had foot and leg pain for the last couple of years. I didn’t think much of it and put it down to hormones and ageing, etc.. Clearly I was wrong. After only a few days of wearing this product, my leg pains have gone and my back, feet and legs feel amazing. High recommend

  65. Joyce

    The most successful & comfortable insert to help with my Dorsal foot pain & pronation. I’m convinced it’s the ‘cupped heel support’ that truely prevents the rolling inwards? After having this orthotic, I am convinced that merely building up the arch alone, does not prevent your foot rolling inwards. I find your orthotics the BEST! I’ve also got the Catwalk ones for different style of shoes! A huge relief! Thank you!

  66. louise

    I purchased 2 pairs of these due to my fallen arches a couple of years ago and they really helped with pain I was getting in my ankles, so it was time to replace them so it was a no brainer to stick to the same ones. I also decided to get some full length inserts for different footwear and they are great. My order was processed and I received it within 24 hours so very impressed. Would definitely recommend Footlogics.

  67. juliehyatt_1953

    I purchased these with a slight amount of optimism,but now I don’t know how I coped without them, just the most fantastic product. I can now enjoy my walks, pain free. In fact I will be ordering another pair today.

  68. Barbara Taylor

    Recently I developed a pain in my right heel; so severe that it was difficult getting around without hobbling. After an x-ray, it transpired that I had a heel spur on either side of my ankle and my only option at the time (according to my treating doctor), was to invest in a pair of custom made orthopedic shoes; very expensive. After trolling the internet, I came upon the ‘Footlogics’ site and at a fraction of the cost, invested in two pairs of casual inserts. Felt rather uncomfortable for the first day and something to get used to but by the third day, I hardly feel any discomfort in my right heel and am very pleased indeed. Certainly would recommend these product before going to a specialist shop (and spending a ridiculous amount of money). Thank you so very, very much!

  69. Michael Podles

    I am in love with this product. I have in the past had insteps made by a podiatrist. I found my last pair really hard and difficult to walk long distance. These are much more comfortable.

  70. Peter Emery

    I purchased more of these as they help to alleviate knee pain that I get when wearing slip on shoes. Thoroughly recommended.

  71. Jules W

    Works best with shoes with high heel counter, great with most of my lace-up and running shoes but unfortunately doesn’t work as well with the flats I wore to work. So I wear them 3-4 times a week but I can feel the difference within a week. After wearing them a whole weekend I found that I am putting more weight around my lateral plantar even without these on. After 2-3 weeks, to my surprise all the calluses are gone from my feet. Completely unexpected and definitely welcome result!

  72. Donna

    I purchased both the full length and 3/4 length and have found they have eased the pain in my both my heels. I will definitely be purchasing more as needed. Thank you

  73. Rachael

    Ive been hobbling around with PF in my left foot for quite some time. I purchased these and wore them for the first time yesterday and was able to walk pain-free, and only minimal pain in my heel when I got out of bed this morning. I was even able to take the dog for a walk. I like these innersoles as they are only half- length so dont make my shoes tight. Early days but very happy so far.

  74. Debra M

    Having custom made orthotics which are very limited in the shoes I can wear. I thought I would try these 1/2 length ones from this company to see if they would fit in some snow boots I bought as I didn’t have room or want to cut the full length cover over my 1/2 orthotic that replaces removable soles inside suitable orthotic friendly shoes as a bit cramped. With collapsed/fallen arches created by shoes when young due to originally having flat feet. Since middle age I have suffered knee and hip pain without the specially made orthotics – which have been very restrictive in shoes I could wear. I purchased another leading companies arched slipper that I could wear all day with no pain so thought I would try these. I have worn footlogics 1/2 orthotics in my snow boots for only 2 hours inside my home and am pain free. I know this is only a short time but in any other shoes with out support I am in pain already so I feel more confident to wear these shoes while on holidays and suffer minimal or no pain at all. Thankyou for giving me this freedom with such slim orthotics to my custom made ones – I am very happy with my purchase.

  75. Ian

    Came across this product whilst searching for new inserts, what can I say – the best ones I have come across. Right balance of, shape, texture and more importantly comfort.
    And the Velcro tab is a great idea. Ordering more to replace all the others I have

  76. Tracey Meakin

    The casual orthotics fit really well in my flat casual sneakers. I definitely needed them to support my high arches. They are easy to change into any shoe. I definitely wouldn’t gonwith out them now. Only thing I’d like is an even softer heel for my plantar fasciitis. But otherwise very happy!!

  77. Sui Sen

    I really enjoy wearing these casual orthotics at the moment. With the heel being set in, it is helping ease discomfort i used to have on my left heel. I stand alot at work and at home which I am hoping these orthotics will help me further.

    I am super impressed with the delivery speed of my purchase. I got to wear it in two days of buying it online.

  78. Hans

    Fast delivery, Very happy with the product,practically pain free after one day.

  79. EkkieB

    Product arrived quickly. Great relief for my arch issues. It fits well and from previous experience lasts quite a while before replacement is needed. Thanks

  80. Lyndal Smth

    15 months with plantas fasciitis in BOTH feet, hundreds of dollars and many painful hours trialling 4 separate sets of podiatrist orthotics over 12 months which added to rather than relieved my pain, and certainly prolonged my condition.
    Found these little beauties in a country town shop and IMMEDIATELY felt relief.
    Arch support is good and strong, and the soft covering nurses the very very painful sole of the feet.
    Short length means they fit in any shoe.
    And the lovely soft top feels great after trialling orthotics which cut into my sole, or gel orthotics which squish about, stick to your feet, and then don’t give reasonable arch support.
    Podiatrist orthotics $400 upward a set….
    $30 …..for comfort…?
    Great relief.
    Don’t leave home without them if you have foot problems.

  81. Glenda

    Love your product and excellent service. Never have to pay big $ ever again because these work just as well. I wear these in my shoes every day. No more pain. Thank you.


    I’ve been using these for years and they are the best! They provide excellent support and have helped manage my knee/foot problems.

  83. Leonie

    Like many who have provided reviews, I too am suffering from plantar fasciitis. I happened to stumble across Foot Logics and their products through a friend and it’s the best thing that’s happened for my right foot in a long time. I initially bought this style insert along with the PF insole for my sneakers and was so impressed I ordered another of this style along with the Catwalk and Versa styles. The relief they give my foot is bliss and the products are so sturdy and helpful I’ve bought a set of these four products for my best friend who’s also suffering PF at the moment. Don’t think about them, order them!!

  84. Zoe

    I have recently purchased my second pair of 3/4 inserts, because I was very happy with my first pair .
    I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot (had two cortisone injections) . My friend told me about this insoles and they did help me a lot (now I can’t imagine wearing my flats without them ).
    Thank you

  85. Raul Zuniga

    Absolutely love the 3/4 othotics. Just bought my second pair and am so super chuffed!

  86. Colleen Hanshaw

    I have think these 3/4 inserts are a great idea. They enable me to wear sandals in the summer. Before I bought
    these inserts I would wear my sandals with the Comfort inserts. They are much more comfortable but look rediculous when the inserts can be seen with open toed sandals.

  87. Wade

    With this insert I noticed a big difference. I bought the smaller size, for myself, then gave it to my partner. I went to the medium size as it fit my 7.5 size feet better.

  88. Carly

    I wear these insoles to work ever day and can’t say enough great things about them. They are comfortable, support my flat arches and have eliminated the ball of foot pain that I was experiencing.

  89. Brian Mckinney

    Excellent products and a very good
    company for customer service

  90. cdel9419

    Double thumbs up for taking away the pain of plantar fasciitis. No heel pain after a couple of days and has also helped reduce my knee pain. Have purchased more insoles for all my shoes.

  91. Janet

    Excellent for plantar fasciitis in my foot. Also helps with hip arthritis.

  92. christopher quirk

    Good for my bad knees when wearing flatish shoes or ones with little padding in insole

  93. Amanda

    I recently developed plantar fasciitis in one foot, and was looking for an insert that would help, but also fit in the shoes I already owned. This insert is barely visible in most of my work shoes, and makes a huge difference.

  94. Abigail

    I’ve only recently started wearing this and it has slightly eased the pain of my plantar fasciitis. I’m hopeful that the more I wear this the more it will get better over time

  95. kaeslerjan

    Excellent support that I need in my casual shoes. Worth every cent. thank you for prompt service. Mrs JK, South Australia

  96. littlepetal

    This is the second time I have ordered your orthopaedic inserts for my shoes as I had Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot for three agonising years and now I have it in my left foot.
    Your orthotics, do not cure it, but they certainly ease the pain. Nothing cures Plantar Fasciitis except TIME as I have found out. I have spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on orthotics, podiatrists, foot specialist and there is no cure except time.
    I find that FOOTLOGICS are the best orthotic for me and they align my knees to sit in the front of my leg – how they are meant to be.. Also I know that wearing ankle boots are the best shoe for this disorder because the boot has more support and restraint and rolling your foot is not easy to do when you have boots on. Also I am grateful for the generous discount you give me.
    Dearne. Perth

  97. Kate

    I recently developed plantar fasciitis in both my feet and after googling the internet, I purchased your orthopedic inserts from my local chemist. The pain in my heels was so severe I had to give up my daily morning walk. After only 2 days of using the footlogics inserts, my foot pain has improved tremendously. I am so impressed because I really didn’t have very high expectations and felt it might be a gamble to even try them. Thank you so much!!! What a difference your product has made in my life!!
    Mrs Kate S, VIC

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