Footlogics COMFORT


Full-length orthotic for fallen arches, over-pronation and flat feet. Helps with heel pain, aching feet or legs, knee pain and lower back pain. Suitable for all lace-up shoes, joggers and work boots.



Footlogics Comfort – Full-length orthotic for fallen arches, over-pronation and flat feet. Helps with heel pain, aching feet or legs, knee pain and lower back pain.

  • Full-length orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • general use orthotic
  • Corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • Fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers; also suitable for work boots
  • Made of light-weight E.V.A. and cushioning Durapontex
  • Shock-absorbing heel and forefoot padding
  • Deep heel cup, strong arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
  • Orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors

Price: $32.95 per pair + $4.95 P & H

FREE shipping if you order any 2 pairs of Footlogics products, or more

90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy

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  1. Jane

    Within 2 weeks of wearing these innersoles my heel pain subsided and now after 8 weeks I am almost pain free, which means I’m able to play bowls again…quite remarkable considering before I could barely walk after one game! I have since recommended your product to a number of heel pain sufferers in my town.
    Jane, NT

  2. Lyn, Victoria

    These orthotics are wonderful for over-pronators. I have been wearing them for two years now and wouldn’t be without them. My sore tight leg muscles are a thing of the past.

  3. Juanita

    I have had these inserts for 2 years my feet do not burn anymore on here to buy some more and some thongs.

  4. Mercy

    I have had planter fasciitis, tired and aching lower legs for almost 14 moths now…My work involves standing in my feet for a long time and the pain was becoming unbearable.I have used custom made orthotics and other over the counter orthotics but no relief…I first bought Footlogics orthotics for planter fasciitis almost three months ago and then bought the comfort orthotics to use in my work shoes …My heel pain is getting better now and have even started doing my walking exercises increasing the duration slowly
    I wish I bought these orthotics the first time I started experiencing heel pain …I could have saved myself the heartache

  5. Geoff Hopkins

    This is not my first purchase of these, so I can comment on how they have performed over time. I have many shoes, and each is fitted with orthotics. The Footlogics COMFORT last well, they are comfortable, and definitely keep the right alignment in my foot as I walk. I have bought other-brand off-the-shelf products when I’ve been in a hurry, but they haven’t lasted as well, nor performed as well, as the Footlogics. I’m very happy with them.

  6. Julie Horne

    Bought these for my son who has Severs disease. They relieved his heel pain and are comfortable to wear to school everyday in his joggers. Fast delivery and great service. I have bought from this company several times

  7. Chris Blackwell

    Excellent service and fast delivery. My feet will never be better but your product is the best I have found

  8. Melanie Hadley

    Best value for money orthotic for pronation. Fits wide shoes and joggers. I’ve just bought a 2nd pair, the 1st is still good after 5 years of constant use. The new pair doesn’t have sufficient markings for cutting down to size so you may need to draw around another insole.

  9. Luke

    I work in a lab so am often on my feet for extended periods. I did suffer from aching heels but since buying a pair of these orthotics my aching has subsided. I have been to podiatrist in the past and spent huge amounts of money on ‘treatment’ and expensive orthotics that did not work, completely ruining my trust in the practitioner. It has been about 6 weeks now and am happy to report that my heel pain is no more! These are a great and cost effective.

  10. Deb

    Recently purchased comfort orthotics and have found them very comfortable and supportive of arches

  11. Colleen Hanshaw

    I have Fallen Arches and Heel spurs and have had severe pain for about 2 years.
    The Comfort inserts have made it possible for me to walk my dog again.
    They are extremely comfortable and I would highly recommend them.

  12. Le

    Wear them few days and the pain in hips and knee are gone. Highly recommend them

  13. Des Scanlon

    Comfortable to wear yet supportive , a good product at a good price . Expectations have been exceeded . Thank you also for the fast and efficient service and delivery.

  14. Julie Cooper

    I have now purchased the product for three pairs of shoes. They are comfortable and keep my feet from slipping around in the shoe. Good support for my fallen arches. Very efficient service in fulfilling my order. I would certainly recommend the product to others.

  15. John

    Great product, good price and assists with my foot problem

  16. Mark

    Really good price with better support than I expected. Feel as supportive as a pair I have from the podiatrist. Highly recommend this product

  17. Frances

    Excellent products and very comfortable. It is good to know that good things are from Australia.

  18. Rachel Edwards

    Great fit and great feel
    I am a size 8-8.5 and these fit great in my sneakers

  19. Viola Pullen

    I recently purchased the above and thongs for both my sons who were experiencing heel pain and shin splints and both boys love the products, especially the thongs. Would highly recommend Footlogics, as their products provide great support and comfort. Also, their service is outstanding. Keep up the good work:)

  20. Meryl

    I am so pleased with the Footlogics Comfort orthotics, and I have purchased as a return customer first trying the product 2 years ago. I have found them very helpful with flat feet and over pronation. I highly recommend the service and delivery of Footlogics

  21. Georgia

    Slightly bigger than I was anticipating, but no problem cutting them down. Incredibly fast service and shipping, thanks.

  22. Anita

    I am a regular customer of Footlogics for 3 years now. The Footlogics Comfort orthotics are in my work boots and sneakers. They are neither too soft nor too hard, just right and so much cheaper than regular visits to the podiatrist. I have scoliosis and disc generative disease and these orthotics realign my flat feet along with my hips and back. Thank you for making my life so much better Footlogics.

  23. Kate

    My son has flat feet and has found these to really help with his leg pain. Have bought them before and will buy them again!

  24. Karen

    I got onto these a few years ago after suffering immense foot pain. I haven’t looked back and my feet are much better.

  25. Horst Hornung

    Bought my second lot of inner soles so I can have them in all my shoes ,love them they make walking a pleasure, and also much better than the custom ones I had made by my podiatrist ($440 )

  26. David Farrell

    Almost instant relief from pain in my left knee Highly recommend them.

  27. Alan Duffield

    Great product which has provided me with the ability to walk in complete comfort.

  28. sue mccleary

    Highly recommend this product. Comfortable to wear and pain relief in knees and feet substantially reduced during my walk to the letterbox 2 kms away on the 1st day of using this product. Very happy customer. I did not need to limit the time I could use this product –
    worked immediately.

  29. John Levett

    I recommend athis product. It is very easy to insert and wear, very comfortable. Quick postage and great value for money

  30. Paul

    Had footlogic insoles for about four years . I change them yearly . My arches , calves,and heels were insuch pain that Icould hardly walk. As soon as i got the insoles it was instant relief .Cannot live without them !!!!!

  31. Shaun Groenewegen

    this is the second time purchased for my daughter, used to spend over $500.00 on custom Orthotics for her to never be fully comfortable and supported, Footlogics comfort are great she doesn’t complain of sore feet after a long day at school and her feet are aligned and straight.
    Would highly recommend given Footlogics a go and see the results for yourself.

  32. Shasta Williams

    Life savers !! All four of my children now have footlogics insoles. My eldest has wide, flat feet and pronates terribly, these have really helped same with my youngest. The middle two got a some as well and say their shoes are way more comfy now.

  33. Jerry

    I recently purchased a pair of foot logics Comfort insoles. I was having trouble with my knees. I have got flat feet, what a difference it made. I then bought another 2 pairs for my other shoes.

  34. Pamela

    Again another brilliant product from Footlogics. I have had a total hip replacement, plantar fascilitis and achilles tendonitis and these inserts are really helping me . They are extremely comfortable and I have noticed that my hip pain is easing off since I’ve been wearing these. Also the ordering process was easy online, but I rang them as well to see what their ordering staff were like and they were brilliant! The inserts only took 2 days to arrive. Thank you Footlogics for a great product.

  35. Penelope

    Very happy with these. I have flat feet and these have stopped pain in my hips and burning in my feet. I walk daily and no longer dread any after affects.

  36. Marcia Evans

    Very quick delivery. The orthotics have certainly improved my foot problem at this stage. I’ve worn both commercially available & podiatrist produced orthotics & found Footlogic to be one of the best.

  37. LeGray

    Great product. Does all it promises. Comfortable. Durable (over 12 months of daily wear). Supportive.

  38. Penny Farrow

    I’ve worn these every day since they arrived. I purchased two pair for my work boots and walking shoes. They are easy to put in, and I noticed the difference BV right away. It’s improved my posture and knee discomfort .

  39. Will johnson

    Been using this product for nearly 2 weeks. Only problem is I have to keep taking them out. Out of my joggers and putting them into my work boots. Out of my work boots and into my go out shoes. They are that comfortable I’m buying 2 more pairs next week. Highly recommended.

  40. louise

    I just purchased these along with the Casual inserts which I have had before and very happy with them. I would definitely recommend these.

  41. Ashton

    Fantastic!! Comfortable for everyday use. Fit well in my asics and adidas sneakers. No foot pain, leg pain or lower back pain and well worth the money.. just buy them already!!

  42. Grepa

    I purchased 2 comfort inserts to put into both my runners. I have had these before and recommend them. I have no problems with foot pain and lower back pain, I’m really glad that I found these.

  43. Byron Kovacs

    Fast delivery. Great product. Very supportive for flat feet. I’m happy to have a pair of footlogics insoles in my daily work boots.

  44. Claire Prestney

    I ordered one pair of these a few weeks ago and put them in my work shoes. Im on my feet all day working in childcare. Ive also been testing them out taking the dog for a walk (Around 4km) . They are really comfortable and have no knee pain. Just ordered two more pairs. Ive been wearing the custom made orthotics since I was about 13 years old. Thought I would try these, figured I was only going to lose $40 if they didnt work out compared to hundreds I pay for custom made. If they continue to be as good as they are so far and last a reasonable amount of time ill definately be sticking with these :).

  45. Elizabeth Fekete

    I purchased this product as my physio had commented on my fallen arches and over pronation. They fit really well in my runners and provide FIRM support, which is helping with getting my posture and walking back into balance. really recommend this product!

  46. Mick Welch

    Have used them for years, they are perfect for my pronated feet; to help ease the wear and tear pain gained via 20 years of footy and cricket.

  47. Peter Williamson

    I recently went to The Foot Doctor to see if they could do something about the pain in my right foot, after a 45 minute consultation they came up with a plan that was going to cost me $1400 ,as you can guess i was shocked at that price so i looked for an alternative which Footlogic gave me for a fraction of the cost. Thanks Footlogic you saved me around $1300.

  48. Moneesha Reynolds

    I’m only 20 but my flat feet becoming intensely painful after about 4 hours of standing at work. If you have flat feet and work in retail or hospitality I would really recommend. These are super affordable so they are worth giving a go. Can be a little uncomfortable at first they are harder than most insoles but will save you at the end of a long day. My feet recover much faster with these.

  49. farmerjohn62

    Have had several pair of these. Very supporting for my fallen arches after Tib Post Tendons collapsing. Wearing these in my Ascent orthodontic footwear is great.

  50. Lindsay

    I was dubious as I thought I required a lot of correction however was pleasantly surprised at the support these provide me.

  51. Carl

    Excellent products, backed by excellent service. Highly recommended.

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Please note that the full-length models (Footlogics Comfort, Sports and Sensi) can all be trimmed to size with normal scissors at the toe end, in case the insoles are too long or wide for your shoes. In many cases this won't be necessary and the insole should fit perfectly into your footwear, without any trimming. Please remove any existing loose innersoles from your shoes, before placing Footlogics inside them.

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