Footlogics MENS Thong


Footlogics Men’s Thong. Built-in biomechanical arch support and excellent cushioning. Helps relieve Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, ball of foot pain, Metatarsalgia or foot pain.



  • provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) Ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and other common foot complaints
  • one colour only – black
  • buy online or from pharmacy (click here for stockist list)
  • fashionable orthotic thong developed by Australian podiatrists
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • excellent walking comfort
  • made of light-weight and cushioning material
  • biomechanical arch support
  • Click Sizing Tab for accurate sizing. Please measure your foot length before ordering!

Price: $29.95 per pair + $4.95 P & H

FREE shipping if you order any 2 pairs of Footlogics products, or more

90-day-money-back guaranteeRead Return & Refund Policy

Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 1300 788 119


  1. Kaz

    Bought these for my husband. Overnight delivery⭐️ Great for his sore foot ⭐️ Thanks 😊

  2. Michele

    Fantastic! My husband loves these, when the work boots come off these are straight on and he finds them so comfy.

  3. James Eccles

    These thongs gave me immediate relief from the level of heel pain I was encountering. I was truly impressed by the speed of shipping, and will definitely continue to deal with this company.

  4. Ali

    Great customer service, ordered Aussie 8 as per sizing but when they came was US 8.
    Sent out US 9 as replacement and return bag for incorrect size . All very easy.
    Feel great on feet

  5. Stewart

    Thongs are very comfortable and hug the soles of my feet. I have a fallen arch on my left foot, so hopefully this will restore it over time and provided a more balanced and natural walk

  6. Adrian

    Far more supportive than any other thongs I have worn. My foot feels well supported and firm within the thongs.

  7. Andrew

    Very quick delivery. Helped my planter fasciitis immediately, no pain compared to walking around on bare feet.

  8. Jared

    Excellent product! Don’t hesitate to buy a pair.

  9. Jade

    My husband LOVES these thongs. Says they’re the best he’s ever worn. Good value. And shipping was super fast (arrived the next day!) very happy with our purchase 🙂

  10. Wayne Evans

    First day my feet said thank you will need more time to test durability.
    Fast efficient service

  11. brkober

    I read the reviews first and purchased 2 pairs without hesitation. My feet are more happier than ever, and I can still get the Aussie sun tan line.

  12. Troy

    Very supportive big flat feet these sorted them out

  13. Brad Sheldon

    Great product, I bought 2 pair. Fantastic support for my feet, very comfortable, definitely eases the pain from Plantar Fasciitis.

  14. Owen

    Great thongs, super comfy. Now on my third pair – I keep losing them, but keep coming back!

    I have very flat feet and regular thongs get uncomfortable quickly – these are a game changer. Can wear all day, with lots of standing and walking and no foot pain, and they’re only $10 more than a pair of havaianas. Bargain!

  15. Bev

    Bought these for my son – he finds them extremely comfortable to wear. Very quick delivery.

  16. Brian Acraman

    The fastest response to an order I’ve had plus the product arrived within a few days. The thongs took a day or so to get used to but I can feel the difference it is making to a neuroma issue I’ve had for a few years. Will definitely be buying another pair. Thank you Footlogics – you certainly know feet.

  17. Greg

    Quick delivery of very comfortable thongs, thank you.
    Really enjoy them!

  18. Kira

    Thank you Footlogics team for your great customer service and super fast processing . I ordered two pairs on Wednesday and they arrived at my house in WA on the Monday. And that included a Public Holiday on the Friday… wow! My partner tried them on and couldn’t stop telling me how comfortable they were. Plus they are so cheap and look like normal thongs. I honestly couldn’t be any happier with the whole experience, from placing the order to receiving the parcel. I will definitely order again and spread the word too 🙂

  19. Martin

    The relief was apparent almost instantly. They look like normal thongs when wearing. Will become a regular purchase into the future, some other colours would be a great option.

  20. Paul Irwin

    Very supportive and seem to be working to reduce the pain suffering from Heel in the morning. Love some other colours!

  21. Kym Teh

    These are amazing – so comfortable and light. They have certainly helped provide relief for my heal condition. Ordering was so easy and quick. (I’m thinking about ordering a second pair.)

  22. Brad Langshaw

    Another amazing product in your range of foot care. Comfortable, supportive and excellent customer service. I ordered on Monday, arrived SA on Wednesday. I expected it to take a week or longer due to COVID and staff issues, alas, immediately processed and sent. Very impressive.

  23. Lance Hampton

    great product although the straps could be a bit longer as they are a bit hard to get on

  24. Rob Taylor

    A great product, but I must have a high instep as it is a bit of a task getting them on – straps could be longer. I’ll persevere and see if they stretch. As with my previous purchases great customer service and speedy delivery to Victoria.

  25. Mark Wilkinson

    Great thongs. Much more comfy. Thanks Mark

  26. Marjorie

    Hi footlogics
    I actually bought these thongs for myself. This is the second time that I have purchased them. This time I bought two pairs as I wear them all summer long as they are very comfortable. I’m looking at buying the Footlogics METATARSALGIA. My next purchase.
    Delivery was very quick, ordered one day and arrived the next. Excellent service.
    Thank you

  27. Victor Anselmo

    Overall, happy with the product as it is what I expected it to be. Agree with one customer that delivery was super fast. Qudos to an excellent customer service. Definitely recommended. Keep up the good work guys!

  28. Victor Anselmo

    Overall, I am happy with the product as it is what I’ve expected. Delivery was indeed super fast as one customer said. I’ve used this product before and would continue to recommend this. Just perfect for it’s intended use. Please keep up the good customer service!

  29. Sue Power

    I bought these for my husband and he said they are very comfortable

  30. Troy Morton

    Comfy, lightweight & good looking 👍🏻👍🏻

  31. Jason

    Very comfortable, playing a key role in my management of heel pain. Delivery is fast.

  32. Dan

    Shipping was super fast. Thongs are extremely comfortable and supportive. I don’t know why I took this many years to get a pair!

    • admin

      Hi Dan, Thank you for your feedback! We are so glad to hear you are happy with our product.

  33. Diogo Sessa Grecco

    Got this yesterday but I can feel that’s comfortable and offer great support for my feet. It feel like it molds around your feet.
    Very happy so far

  34. Richard

    Taken a bit to get used to but comfortable enough. I may try the next size up in future as they seem a bit short in length and feet hang just over the sides. Still pretty happy.

    • admin

      Hi Richard, thank you for your feedback. As you have said your thongs are slightly too short, we definitely recommend referring to our sizing chart on our website. If you measure your foot from the back of your heel to your longest toe, this will ensure the most accurate size for you. If you would like to make a purchase in the future, make sure to use our code “loyal10” for 10% off.

      Thank you,

  35. Ayaz

    Thought it would be great but my feet struggle to get in thongs as strips are not big enough and very tight and i have skinny feet, it might be my defective piece, don’t know.
    Might buy expensive one.

    • admin

      Hi Ayaz, Thank you for your feedback. Do you happen to have high arches, as it seems that your feet are narrow enough to fit into the thong? If the strips are not long enough, this could be the issue. Would it be possible to email through a photo to me wearing the thong, so we can have a look at it. We can then determine if the thongs are faulty or if another product would be suitable. My email address is

      Kind regards,
      Carla Bierhuizen

  36. Peter Creagh

    From the first moment I slipped on these thongs, I felt like I was walking on clouds. My poor old aching feet have endured years of stomping around this fair land in the most inadequate and unsupported thongs. This changed with the acquisition of a pair of Footlogic thongs. These stylish thongs come in midnight black and they are so good I want to be reincarnated as a spider so I can wear four pairs. A fantastic product and I have no hesitation recommending the footwear to anyone suffering plantar fascitis.

  37. Irene Baldwin

    Hubby really likes his new thongs. He has several issues with his hips, knees and feet including Plantar Fasciitis. He has special made orthotics for his shoes and is reluctant to wear normal thongs. I have now ordered 2 more pairs for him. Very fast delivery as well.

  38. Keith Miles

    I have only recently been diagnosed with PF and purchased insoles from the local chemist which work well. We have a number of hard tiled floors in our house and the thongs that I have recently purchased work quite well minimising the early morning pain on hard floors.
    The thongs are comfortable and supportive and provide good relief. In addition I was particularly impressed with the speed of the order being filled and delivered.

  39. Bruce Whiting

    These thongs fitted just perfect. Have had Morons Neuroma for a number of years and was getting progressively worse. Have tried numerous inserts, but none relieved the pain/burning right across the balls of both feet. These thongs really helped and the pain was not as prevelant. Thank you.

  40. Laurent

    Very comfortable and supportive. Bought these to walk around the house instead of bare feet . As I stand on concrete for 40 hrs a week I got the plantar inner soles for my shoes . After months of aching feet and sore heels , it’s almost gone within a week . I normally wear size 10-10.5 in shoes . With these thongs size 9-9.5 was perfect .
    I will purchase more when the need arises .
    Very fast shipping . 3 days to country WA .

  41. Michelle Phillips

    This the 3rd pair of footlogic thongs I have purchased for my husband. The things are great for his plantar fasciitis which is now in check and the thongs have assisted in keeping it at bay. Also very prompt delivery. Highly recommend.

  42. Leanne

    This is the second pair I have purchased for my husband as he wanted another pair to keep at work. We have wooden floors at home and he wears them all time, Highly recommended. Also great service and fast postage from Footlogics!

  43. HappyFeet

    Instant relief!

    I’ve had PF in my left foot for almost 3 years and have had no other option but to wear shoes when walking around my wood floors at home. I’m amazed at how well these thongs work – easily as good as having my supportive shoes on. Highly recommended!

  44. Peter ROBERTS

    I’ve never been a great lover of thongs; I’ve always preferred sandals. But, these orthotic thongs may go some way to changing my attitude. The support they give me is great.

  45. Alejandra Ramirez

    Great product! My husband’s suffering of plantar fasciitis and he noticed an improvement when wearing them.

  46. Michael

    I had plantar fasciitis for the past few months. As soon as I started wearing the footlogics thongs, I noticed an improvement. I can stand and walk longer comfortably. I no longer feel any pain or discomfort on my feet. Thank you!

  47. Wayne Colebatch

    Wonderful -All thongs should be made this way.
    I got to the stage with my collapsed foot arches that I could not wear thongs any longer.
    Thanks so much for providing this efficient servcie.

    Wayne Colebatch
    West Beach -Adelaide SA

  48. Joe Dombroski

    This is my second purchase of the thongs. They are an excellent purchase, in fact I used them mostly every day in Africa and more recently in England. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and have heel spurs and these things actually help and I don’t feel any pain as a result of earing them

  49. Mick Rowan

    I wear the insoles in my running shoes and they’re fantastic. When I found out that I could get thongs too I was really excited. I hadn’t worn thongs for over a year due to plantar. I received the thongs this week and have worn them daily since. They are sensational!

  50. Paul Magne

    I have very flat feet and need arch support with all footwear, so I ordered a pair of footlogic thongs which were delivered super fast and the thongs a super comfy and supportive. Thank you

  51. Wendy van vliet

    Amazing. I had pain that was causing me to hold on to furniture and window frames just to walk around the house. I keep these beside my bed so i have support as soon as I get up. These along with the specific plantar faciitis insoles have been fantasic and a life saver for my feet. And the price is unbelievable for the outcome.

  52. Vibrators

    I am a 59 year old male, and i have always lead an active outdoor life, camping, bush walking, fishing etc. i developed a condition known as plantar fascitis, which caused me a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort i was regulary doing archilles tendon stretches etc to limit the pain of this condition, in fact i felt old before my time. My wife suggest an orthotic insert may help, so i got on the net and discovered footlogics. The improvement in my condition is so much better now and i am back to being very active again without all the associated pain. I was so impressed i mentioned the product to a friend at work who was having similar problems to me,that he bought some also and says what a difference it has made with him also. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering foot and heel pain,it will give them their active lives back, pain free.

  53. chris

    very good thongs, I was sceptical at first but after a couple of days only of wearing this thong my feet started to feel very much better and my heel became much less sore

  54. E tonkin

    Was really happy with this purchase actually fit the foot straps are snug on the foot and very comfy..

  55. Linda

    Best thongs ever got them for a present and my feet love them!

  56. lisa1

    Ordered these for my husband and after our daughter tried them on, she loves them! So, I will be ordering another pair of these comfortable thongs for my husband. The easy online ordering process and quick delivery was excellent. Highly recommend Footlogics!

  57. antoinette.housego

    Very comfortable, however quite narrow for my husband’s foot as the sides hang over.

  58. avi

    I purchased two pairs one year ago , all my pain is gone, just been overseas and left a pair of mine to a friend to try them out by him self, and last week he called me to send him another pair
    No need to buy the special moulded for you this product will do the job

  59. Leanne

    I bought these thongs for my husband who has PF and he is very happy with them and has noticed an improvement in his discomfort in just a week. Ordering was easy and my package arrived quickly and without fuss. True to size.

  60. Joe

    I purchased the thongs as a result of being referred to them because of my heel pain. Although it took a bit of time to get used to them they are now really good. Still slight pain but no where near as to what it was and it’s getting less each time

  61. Leanne

    I purchased these for my husband as he was complaining about pain in his feet/legs. I have been purchasing the ladies thongs for a while, so thought these may help him. He loves them and has said he feels like he walking better and that they are very comfortable.
    Love that they are plain black as well. Highly recommended! Now I think I might get him some inserts for his work boots as well!

  62. Frank Ienari

    I bought a pair of footlogics thongs about 2 weeks ago and wear them everywhere inside the house. I have a heel spur and fasciitis and have been suffering for the past 7 months.
    They feel so comfortable and have already noticed a huge difference!
    The online order was simple and the delivery very fast. Highly recommended! Thank you!

  63. cdel9419

    These thongs are brilliant, best thing since sliced bread. They go on immediately after getting home and are worn everywhere. Fit is great, comfort is the best.

  64. Cheryl From Adelaide

    I was told about your product so we purchased a pair of men’s thongs it was what he needed for comfort and his heel spur they are perfect the price great and the delivery terrific would always recommend your company and we just bought a second pair so thankyou. Cheryl

  65. Suzy Cue

    I am a ladies size 13 and purchased the Men’s size 11 – They fit me well and I bought a pair for my male partner in a Men’s 12 and he said that they are great too!

  66. Diana

    Bought these for my husband as he uses footlogics inserts in every pair of his shoes. He is very pleased with the fit and comfort of these thongs. I purchased pair also and very happy with them.

  67. Leanne

    I bought these for my husband after happily wearing a pair of my own.
    He is really happy with the fit and comfort.

  68. Peter Simpson

    Early days but i have noticed improvement in my walk, i no longer tend to roll in on the left.

  69. wiggie042000

    My husband has been using Footlogic orthotics in his work boots and they have made a real difference for his heel pain. I saw the thongs and decided to buy him a pair and a pair for myself. They are very comfortable and look great. I will be buying more. Well done Footlogic for another great product.

  70. Valmae Couzens

    Bought a pair for myself and one for my husband they are great good sizing. Unfortunately I had to buy mens thongs for myself as the ladie sizing is just a bit too small for me, maybe that is something that can be addresed

  71. Eileen McGregor

    As someone who has Footlogic orthotics in every pair of shoes I own, I was hoping that they would come up with an orthotic thong. My feet were too wide for the ladies sizes so I asked them to make them in men’s sizes. And they have. And I bought a pair. And I love them. And the warm weather is here. So I will be buying another pair. And my mum wants a pair too. They are wonderful and comfortable and so well fitted for my feet. Now to ask for colours other than black!!! Thank you Footlogic for looking after the needs of your customers.

  72. John

    Hi footlogics,
    I can’t believe these thongs! So comfortable and supportive and they just look like any ordinary thongs! Amazing. I only wish I had found these earlier as I have been suffering from heel pain for 8 months now, especially first thing in the morning getting out of bed. Now I just slip on my Footlogics thongs and have no pain at all. Thanks guys.

    John Guthrie, WA

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AUS Mens Foot length
8 8 – 8½ 26  –  26.9 cms
9 9 – 9½ 27  –  27.9 cms
10 10 – 10½ 28  –  28.9 cms
11 11 – 11½ 29  –  29.9 cms
12 12 – 12½ 30 –  30.9 cms


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