Footlogics META Full Length


Full length orthotic for the relief of ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and also Morton’s Neuroma. Features a metatarsal dome to support the forefoot structure and cushioning forefoot pad.



    Footlogics Metatarsalgia Full Length orthotic.
  • High quality soft orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Provides relief for pain under the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia) and Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • Designed to fit in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers; also suitable for work boots
  • Made of light-weight EVA foam and PU
  • Shock-absorbing Podflex heel and forefoot padding
  • Deep heel cup, arch support and prominent built-in metatarsal raise to lift the bones in the forefoot, thereby reducing pressure and friction on the ball of the foot

Price: $34.95 per pair + $4.95 P & H

FREE shipping if you order any 2 pairs of Footlogics products, or more

90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy

Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 1300 788 119


  1. Jeff

    Quality product, but sad to say it didn’t relieve my Metatarsalgia.

  2. Andre Julian

    They feel good, can feel the extra support under my arches. Thanks FL, would definitely consider buying again.

  3. Tanya

    I have used the 3/4 length for ages now and find that they really help with foot pain. I recently purchased the full length but found that they made my boots a little too tight so have gone back to the 3/4. The full length should be perfect however for my runners.

  4. Belinda Bain

    I purchased the meta full length to see if they would work for me before getting a custom fitted orthotic as had been recommended by a podiatrist. I am pleased to say that the pain in my foot, caused by a neuroma, has significantly improved. I would recommend giving footlogics orthotics a go – they are relatively inexpensive and if they work, great!

  5. Jay Chrys

    I bought META Full length last week. Probably the best insole i have purchased. i get very sharp pain in the ball of the feet during long walks. I used it for the Oxfam 100km trail walk last weekend and managed to avoid intense pain i used to experience and made the walk lot more bearable. i would recommend this product for anyone with ball pain.

  6. Ingrid Martin

    First time I bought the full length ones. Have to say after been for a number of walks with them, much more comfortable. Will only get these ones in the future.

  7. Cat Murphy

    Super great relief and I love that the met pads are embedded so I don’t have to worry about sticking on my own.

  8. David Townsend.

    After two years of foot pain, difficulty walking, new pair of shoes, numerous shoe inserts, and pain medication diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, Wrong. I found Footlogics Metatarsalgia inserts. Instant relief. I can walk again. Thank you.

  9. Mary Murphy

    I am so happy I found Footligic and am able to walk around all day with the help of their footwear Tiki Girl thongs, Walker and Lily which I did have a problem with sizing. Nothing is too much of a problem for the staff andm and management, I cant thank enough for their help. Just great. The orthotic insoles I have bought are so good for my sneakers and my big Bush walking boots.
    I am such a happy, pain free, person thanks to Footlogic product.

  10. Peter Harvey

    So comfortable that I decided to get three pairs. Highly recommended.

  11. Trina Marston

    I wanted to thank you. I brought your full length orthotics to help how much pain I’ve been in. It help my foot straight away. I’ve been to a podiatry for over 3 months and spent over 1,400 for a sunken forfoot and plantar fasciitis, they didn’t help at all. I’d been walking on my little toes that felt like I had broken toes.
    So I tried your. Thank you again so much. I have hope now no more pain

  12. Susan Coghlan

    Ordered my insoles last week. Have received them and already have relief from my Morton’s Neuroma. Very happy with my new insoles. Fantastic. Thank you.

  13. Elaine

    These inserts saved me from having wasted $180 on my new bush walking boots that made my neuroma flare up, or an expensive trip to the podiatrist to get a pair of insoles with a metatarsal dome fitted. I’m going to buy a pair for my dress shoes now.

  14. Mario

    Quick delivery and very comfortable insoles. As good as the more expensive orthotics I purchased through my podiatrist.


    Very quick delivery was most appreciated and my sons painful metatarsal feet problem was being dealt with. He is on his feet all day in work boots and thinks that these inserts will help him

  16. Gai

    I have just started using these inserts since finding out my foot problem was Morton’s neuroma. They are definitely helping.

  17. Natalia

    Has kept me on my feet for the last 6 years. Your delivery service is the best.

  18. Genevieve

    Thank you . Ive experienced great relief from my foot pain since buying and wearing these innersoles.

  19. ianspookhunter

    Hi 🙂
    Have Purchased these a few times now
    EXCELLENT item would not do without
    Keen walker FANTASTIC after walking half the day and more
    THANK YOU 🙂 🙂

  20. Carl Jeavons

    I have metatarsalgia. I am also on my feet a lot. The first day I put these in my work boots I noticed no difference to my foot. Second day my foot was slightly more uncomfortable than normal. Third day, slight improvement. Fourth day and my foot is feeling great. Thanks Footlogics.

  21. brian516

    Ideal for Ball of foot problems. Would not be without them.

  22. Judy

    I’ve just started a new job and I have to wear steel caps. After a few days of the pain in the balls of my feet was incredible and a friend suggested an orthotic innersole. I did some research and I thought I’d take a gamble with these. They worked a treat. No more pain! They are totally worth the money

  23. Donna Shultz

    Great insoles for work old pair had just worn out but had them for a couple of years great product relieves the burning sensation on the front of my feet

  24. Anne

    love them. I’ve had metatarsal pain for years and these help so much I’ve already ordered another pair!

  25. Tegan

    Very quick delivery! I received them the day after ordering. I ordered the small for my work boots which are women’s size 9. They fit perfectly, the arch support is in the right place, but I feel the metatarsal support could just come forward a bit more towards the ball of my foot. (the short length metatarsalgia inners seem to come that bit more forward, but the short length inners don’t suit my work boots)

  26. John Cosstick

    These are second pair of footlogics orthotics and they replaced very expensive podiatrist orthotics and have proven to be much better. They are highly recommended.

  27. Ralph

    The support with the metatarsal dome is great. The right foot action feels the same as the left. Noticed that muscles in right foot were a bit weak but with exercise and walking the strength and correct foot action will improve. The insole has made my right foot feel the same as the left when walking.

  28. Jeanette Wood

    Forgot to mention in my review, I ordered them online and had them in my hands less than 24 hours later. How’s that for service!

  29. Jeanette Wood

    I paid literally $100’s for podiatrist orthotics which are literally unwearable. These do the job of easing the tingling and numbness of Morton’s Neuroma much better and NO BLISTERS!!

  30. david

    I have been working on cement factory floors through my working life my feet were starting to ache bad , but now with these footlogics metatarsalgia full inner soles no pain at all thank you very much

  31. Josie

    Great improvement immediately and so glad to be able to purchase these at a reasonable price. Podiatrist quoted about $600.

  32. Peter L.

    I’ve tried custom orthotics, cost more than I’d like to remember, these orthotics are even better than the custom ones, the pain in my foot was gone in a day, fit is spot on, comfort is no problem and hardly any effort to break them in. I would recommend to anyone

  33. Yash amin

    Great insoles , very helpful to have a chat with Richard about my foot condition. i have a fracture which is healing but near base of meta tarsal joint and these fit the bill very well, rather than me going to the podiatrist and spending300 odd which i could not afford at this point in time. Took a while to break in but that was expected. Once im better will will try and replace more of my 30 + footwear with some of these..

  34. Colin McKenzie

    I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma in both feet, and find walking any distance quite painful. I am now on my second set of full length insoles, which I wear inside Ascent boots.
    Whilst not alleviating the pain entirely, I find the improved level of comfort a boon during my daily activities, and will definitely be buying more footlogics product in the future. great service and delivery times as well.

  35. Carlos

    After self diagnosing with metatarsalgia and trying everything from massages and ice packs to chemist soles, I decided to purchase a pair of META full length in a final attempt to relieve my pain.

    At first I was skepticaI because I had tried almost everything you could find online… I bought them two months ago and, oh boy, I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied. I went from feeling an insufferable amount of pain every step I took to feeling no pain at all in a matter of one week of wearing these soles. What kind of sorcery is this? I’m even writing a review on how good they are. In one word: miraculous.

    Highly recommended. Do yourself a favour and buy two pairs. One thing I wish they tell you, though, is how often you have to change them. I will be buying these again for sure.

    • admin

      Thank you for your great feedback Carlos!

  36. AW

    I am so glad I bought these to try. I have Metatarsalgia and have tried wearing the metatarsal pads, which just seem to make my foot even sorer. The Footlogics Meta Full length Orthotic really takes the pressure off my foot. I am really happy with my purchase. The product is great and so was the service.

  37. Elton

    I now have 2 Footlogics orthotics – 1 is full length & the other the short version. I am definitely happy with both & I consider them better than the podiatrist’s ones which cost heaps more. I’ll be buying another one so that I won’t need to be swapping from one shoe to another. Great service & great products.

  38. Sharon

    Great service, very helpful, great product, pain free when wearing. I definitely will be ordering some more so I don’t have to change them from one shoe to another.

  39. Rhonda Cade

    Very similar to my prescription orthotics that cost me ~$350. Very happy with them. Easy to trim to fit inside slim shoes. Very Happy.

  40. Moira

    What a difference they have made to my ability to go for a long walk. Very happy with them.

  41. Jayne

    I thought I’d try these first before I reluctantly paid a fortune for personal orthodics . Glad I did I’ve paid $35 instead of $800 . I’ve got immediate relief. They may not last as long we’ll have to see but at this price I’m happy to but a pair annually. Thanks I’ll be back.

  42. Anna

    I’m singing praises for this from the roof top!!
    Second time purchase of this particular insole, so I can alternate and let one pair breathe. I also have many other Footlogics insoles but this remains my favourite for comfort and for relief of metatarsal pain. The pain relief is instant. Without it, I have pain. Insert these insoles, no pain! Needless to say, now I go shopping for shoes with all my Footlogics insoles in tow, to make sure my new sneakers will fit these insoles.
    I recommend buying a few different types to see which best fits your foot anatomy, shoe and problem. I also like the Versa but these offer just a little more support for the ball of the foot, though require shoes with more space and removable insoles.
    With a 90 day guarantee, you really can’t go wrong in ordering some to try. With all this praise, you’d think I’m paid to write this lol. (I’m not). Bonus is the affordability of these insoles (my podiatrist quoted $560, despite a diagnosis of very very mild issues), good quality, excellent customer service and super fast postage. I cannot thank you enough, to all the Footlogics staff!! And am always checking for new product releases. Still waiting for a women’s sandal I can wear in the house 🙂

  43. Jill Harwood

    The Footlogics META Full Length has greatly relieved my metatarsalgia after only a few days. Would highly recommend.

  44. Cheryl Young

    I have purchased several pairs fof these orthotics and find them excellent. Much better than custom made that cost a fortune. Lesson learned.
    Also the service is very good.

  45. Bryan Kelsey-Smith

    Let me start by saying im the guy that never reviews anything, but with these i feel a need to.
    I have bought these as I have fallen arches and tend to over pronate. Of late I have been suffering from peroneal tendonitis which is extremely painfull and had all but stopped my exercise. Seen my physio once and he suggested a good orthotic or innersole. Within a couple of hours of wearing these I was out walking again. And 2 days down the pain. Wow!
    Could not recommend these more they are amazing. Buying a couple more sets so they are in all my shoes.

  46. Joy Burston

    I have been suffering from Morton’s neuroma for years and had been been wearing Footlogics 3/4 insoles with much relief. I have had to have surgery for the condition due to ongoing pain. Have had with much relief of pain but still need insoles. I bought the full length orthotic insoles and 3 weeks after surgery and the new insoles I am back to walking daily. Thank you Footlogics for great service and very reasonable pricing of your products.

  47. Cherie Peacock

    I started training for my upcoming Camino trail hike and encountered huge problems with the balls of my feet. I went to a Podiatrist and he explained the problems to me and advised that I needed orthotics and they were going to cost around $700. As I had already spent a lot of money on my upcoming holiday I decided to look in the chemist for a suitable alternative. I am in the country and they didn’t have my size. I rang up Foot Logics and then placed an order. For $5 delivery, they arrived by express post to Western Australia within 2 days. I cannot believe the relief I feel on my feet when I wear these. It is almost therapeautic. I have only had them a week and only walked for 1.25 hours on a couple of occastions, but so far they are an absolute miracle and such a saving in money. I am tackling a 4 hour walk later this week or next, so will see how they go, but am feeling very positive.

  48. Francis

    I have shin splint on my left leg and pain under the ball of foot. I could not walk for more than 2km as the pain was unbearable. These insoles have greatly relief the pain and I am able to walk for long hours without any pain. The inserts provide firm arch support and comfort. I have no hesitation to recommend Footlogics to my friends.

  49. Louise

    These did the trick with my Morton’s neuroma. Great product.

  50. Mary Henderson

    Very happy with my META full length insoles, I was unable to hike for longer than 90 minutes without having to stop and rest removing my shoes due to burning pain in the ball of my foot. I am now delighted to report that I managed a 3 hour hike yesterday pain free.

  51. Josie Pain

    I have been wearing these for a couple of weeks now. My hip and lower back pain have been greatly relieved. I now have to re-evaluated my shoe collection and will only keep those that I can insert my META full length insoles into. I am now also going to try the comfort insoles. I will let you know how I go with those. Thanks Footlogics!

  52. Kelly

    These are awesome! I have metatarsalgia and these give such great relief. Have been wearing them for 8 months and they continue to give good support and relief of pain. Honestly I probably don’t qualify as having metatarsalgia anymore, but think it would come back if I stopped wearing these. My shoes are wearing out before these insoles! These are way better than the other three brands I tried first. I was unsure what size to get, called customer service and the lady that helped me was great and the size I ordered fit well. Glad I called because I was going to get a different size! If you’re thinking of getting these, just do it! Your feet will thank you!

  53. Margaret Mago

    I have also self diagnosed metatarsalagia after suffering terrible pain all year. As soon as I put on my expensive work sketchers I was in pain. These insoles have just about solved my year long problem, and after my foot inflammation eases up I think I could actually begin having normal work days again. I have also bought the ladies shoe insole but haven’t tried them yet. I expect to be pleasantly surprised also.

  54. Susanne – November 2019

    The best insole for Moreton’s neuroma and far cheaper than custom made. Service is excellent and delivery prompt.

  55. Susanne – November 2019

    Best insole for Moreton’s neuroma.

  56. Lisa H

    I cannot speak highly enough of this product, or this company. This is the second pair I have purchased for my son after paying a small fortune ($800, non-rebatable) for bespoke orthotics originally – these are every bit as good.

  57. Ian Worthington

    Recently diagnosed with Mortons Neuroma and offered custom made orthotics for $750.00 per orthotic. Bought a pair of the Meta for a fraction of the price and they have done the trick in both my casual and golf shoes, hence now buying a second pair so they will always be where they are needed and I have saved heaps.

  58. Fiona McNiven

    Great, straight away. They fit in my shoes without any trimming and feel very comfortable. I have very annoying feet and have tried lots of different inserts including those made by my podiatrist. I think these footlogic ones are going to be good and I will buy some more..

  59. Tim

    Very happy with my purchase of the full meta innersole. I’m using it in a shoe that has memory foam innersole. The combination has been successful in giving me relief from the pain I suffered caused by high arches.

  60. stephen coupe

    ive been down the road of purchasing custom made orthotics at a cost of $500.00 and they caused more problems than they solved . your orthotics great and i will get more for my other shoes soon

  61. Michelle

    I’ve done 2 experimental hour long hikes with the META full length inserts in my hiking boots and the ball of foot pain I was getting when walking down steep steps and slopes has gone. It looks like I’ve found my magic bullet. Fast service and great pricing too.

  62. Anne

    A few years ago I was fitted for some very expensive orthotics and at that price you could not afford 2 pairs. I was over weight flat footed and my ankles rolled inwards and it was very difficult to walk the burning pain on the ball of my foot was very uncomfortable. I have managed to loose half my body weight so I did not bother with the orthotic but recently the pain has returned so I saw your website and thought I would try this orthotic which was reasonably priced that you could have a couple of pairs save swapping them around in different shoes. I have been using them for the last week my feet feel so much more supported, at this stage I haven’t noticed the burning pain in the ball of my foot I can go for long walks and don’t feel uncomfortable or tired in the feet So far so good and I am so glad to have found your web site.

  63. Steve Pearce

    After paying a fortune for personalised orthotics, the last of which made things worse, I tried these. They work very well and at the price i have bought several pairs so that I’m always wearing them….. even in my slippers. Foot pain is considerably reduced.
    Excellent delivery.

  64. Mark McIntosh

    I find long rides cause quite intense pain in the balls of my feet and actually shelved a pair of cycling shoes thinking it was an issue with the pedal cleat box in the shoes. I was recommended to look at some insoles and I thought it was a waste of time, but since having them, I have not had sore balls of the feet. Subsequently I now have 2 pairs of these for both pairs of cycling shoes.

  65. Kim

    Very helpful team and advice from Carla to pick the right product. Have to admit…when first seeing the metatarsal innersole on arrival via post, I wondered how it could actually make a difference, but it does. Provided I am wearing the innersoles, the agony and intensity of a pesky little bursa in the ball of my foot is heavily, if not completely relieved.

  66. Josie

    Spent $600 on custom orthotics that made my feet hurt and threw my hips out. The META is much better. Immediate difference. And Footlogic’s service is fabulous: very quick delivery time and quick friendly response to my query.

  67. bourne.allan

    I found the metatarsal domes suggested by podiatrist rolled my sock into a knot when putting the shoes on, so I thought I would try these. Much, much better and very comfortable. No more lumpy sock and the Morton’s Neuromas don’t hurt while using these inserts. Very happy with product and the delivery was extremely quick.

  68. Donna O’Connor

    Following years of foot pain, I was recently diagnosed with Metatarsalgia (and foot bursitis and ganglions – ouch!). I subsequently had custom orthotics prescribed / made and I am so disappointed with the quality and design, which is totally impractical as they won’t even fit in orthotic friendly shoes!! Soooooo, I got online and purchased these and WOW!!! The quality is fantastic and after wearing them for only a few hours, WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE to my feet. Gone is the pain and my feet have totally ‘relaxed’. I even walk more fluidly – a huge difference to my gait! Despite all the cost and hype about custom orthotics, I would totally recommend this product as a more impressive, functional, practical and economical solution. Save yourself a small fortune (I’ve spent $1,500 so far with my podiatrist on services and products – another ouch!!) and do your feet a favour and just get these! You won’t regret it.

  69. Chris Manners

    Decided to try Footlogics Meta for relief from Morton’s Neuroma and they work much better than my custom made inserts and at a fraction of the price. Highly recommended for the relief and also the prompt online service.

  70. Brian Murray

    I have been using custom orthotics for my Morton’s Neuroma for almost a year now with some success. Recently I decided to purchase another pair so that I did not have to keep swapping them between footware, but was disgusted to find that the cost for a second pair of orthotics from my original supplier was the same as the original set plus the series of consultations required to have that first set fitted. So I decided to give these a try and ordered two pair which cost me hundreds of dollars less than what a single pair of the “custom” orthotics would have cost me. Thes are just as good if not better than the custom ones so far, and I would highly recommend these to anyone requiring orthotics..

  71. Susan Wheeler

    I have purchased this product for my recently diagnosed neuroma. I have had immediate relief and can’t recommend them highly enough. I’m very happy that my pain has been minimised – so far so good!! They were slightly large for my shoes, but were very easily cut to size. I will definitely be buying another set.

  72. Joanne McKinley

    Very happy with these. I had used one of their other products previously and always found them great.

  73. Lou

    Used to work for an orthotist so had an idea of what I was looking for. Had good results with the ones for plantar fasciitis but now some nerve pain had started at my big toe so thought I would invest in the meta full length. Got immediaate results. Have no more feet issues as long as I regularly wear my insoles

  74. rip9rip

    I self diagnosed metatarsalgia about 6 months ago after getting zero answers from ‘foot doctors’ that were doing exactly what I was doing – guessing! My second small toe on both feet and forefoot area in the mornings were like a combination of electric shock and numbness. I have a broad, high volume foot that no one can properly fit. I’m either in work boots or trainers 90% of the time and no matter how much I rolled/stretched/splayed my feet, all activities would bring on that weird/annoying combination of nerve pain and numbness. I’m also heavy, but fit and energetic. I skateboard, mountain bike, cross train and wrangle two kids and a wife that owns a gym so my feet are constantly in flux from wide workboots, flat skate shoes, neutral training shoes, thongs, cushioned running shoes, flatter casual shoes. Basically, not one of the options was better than the other. I’m on flat concrete in work boots for most of the day (Carpentry teacher) so I bought these insoles out of sheer frustration and because the whole idea behind them seemed to make sense and address what I was experiencing.
    Well, so far I’ve spent about three days in my work boots with the insoles and I’m in love! I’ll report back after a longer time, but I’m considering getting this style for my runners, skate shoes and trainers. That bump under the arch is golden. It’s distributing my foot load more evenly relieving excess load on my forefoot and the tangibility of the bump – even if it’s a placebo effect – just reminds me that my arch is actively working to change the mechanics and positioning in my shoe. At this point, the morning numbness has been alleviated. Really stoked on these so far and unlike other insoles I’ve tried, they seem to be a lot more durable under the loads that I put on them. I’ll get back in a month or two for a longer term review, but right now, it’s a huge thank you!

  75. SG

    Bought these the other day and so far so good! I have not had any foot pain while jogging.

  76. D Charlton

    Fantastic product, instant relief

  77. D Charlton

    Fitted into my shoes and immediately felt the difference. Fantastic

  78. ianandkaye

    Used to buy custom orthotics for my Morton’s Neuroma. Thought I would give these a try. They are just as good if not better than the custom ones at a fraction of the price. Would highly recommend these.

  79. VN

    I’ve been spending a fortune on bespoke orthotics and thought I’d try these – they’re just as good and about a third the price! Very happy with my new inserts.

  80. RB

    Purchased these for myself but they were much too big, so gave them to my husband,
    and he is very happy with them. It took him about an hour to get used to them, but now finds them very comfortable. I’m hoping you will have the smaller size in very soon so I can purchase them for me.

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