Footlogics TIKI GIRL – Rose Gold


Tiki Girl Orthotic Thongs – Rose Gold.  Extremely comfortable. With built-in biomechanical arch support. Keeps your feet supported in and around the home and in summer. Helpful for people with plantar fasciitis, sore feet or aching legs.



  • buy online or from pharmacy (click here for stockist list)
  • fashionable orthotic thong developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and other common foot complaints
  • corrects excess pronation and fallen arches
  • great walking comfort
  • made of light-weight and cushioning E.V.A. material
  • built-in arch support
  • Click Sizing Tab for accurate sizing. Please measure your foot length before ordering!

Price: $29.95 per pair + $4.95 P & H

FREE shipping if you order any 2 pairs of Footlogics products, or more

90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy

Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 1300 788 119


  1. Bev

    The thongs were received promptly and are very comfortable. Great service!

  2. Helen Marshall

    My Tiki Girl thongs are great. Love the rose gold colour and the cute little sparkly gem on the strap. They’re not as squishy or as flexible as my old rubber thongs so they took a little getting used to, but I sure notice the difference not having tired achy hips and knees after wearing them all day.

  3. Jan

    Love my thongs ,very comfortable and loved the colour gold for a change. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

  4. Michele

    Perfect! Just love everything about them. So comfy, look great, Rose Gold colour is stylish. I haven’t been able to wear thongs for a long time, so glad if found these.

  5. Helena Gouras

    First purchase of the thongs, feeling the difference already for the plantar fasciitis I have , comfortable and supportive.

  6. Helena Gouras

    First purchase of the thongs, feeling the difference already for the plantar fasciitis I have , comfortable and supportive.
    Will be ordering again

  7. Helena Gouras

    First purchase of the thongs, feeling the difference already for the plantar fasciitis I have , comfortable and supportive.
    Will be ordering again, thank you

  8. Helena

    First purchase of the thongs, feeling the difference already for the plantar fasciitis I have , comfortable and supportive.
    Will be ordering again, thank you

  9. Lyndell

    These are great- comfy with good support and great value, considering the other options on the market. I will definitely be buying these again

  10. Jacqui

    This is the second pair of Tiki girl things I’ve bought. They are a great price, delivered super quickly, and so comfortable while looking really good. Definitely recommend!

  11. Susi F

    This is the second pair of Tiki Girl thongs I have purchased and I can’t recommend them enough. They are by far the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn! If you like wearing thongs but find regular ones too painful to walk in after a while, these thongs will feel heavenly. The range of colours to choose from is an added bonus. Prompt delivery, too!

  12. Irene Baldwin

    This is my third pair and I chose the rose gold for something diffrrent. Love these thongs

  13. Claire Bligh

    Nice comfy thongs. Ordered my usual size 10 and the fit is very good. Like the rose gold colour, and the little diamanté on the strap gives them a touch of bling.

  14. Peggy Kapellos

    Second Tiki pair of thongs I have purchased, I found this pair (Rose Gold) had a slippery film on them when I first wore them and took me a while to get used to also although I ordered the same size as last time they are slightly longer than the first pair. But very comfortable and enjoy wearing them.

  15. Jane

    My first pair of Tiki Girl thongs and l love them, not only did they arrive super fast they not only look good but are so comfortable.

  16. Heather Grindlay

    Love footlogics I have 4 different pairs now , I love the rose girl colour all so comfy and fast delivery all my orders come within 2 days thanks 😁

  17. Kerry P

    These thongs give me such relief. The arch support is perfect and the thong is soft enough to be comfortable while offering contoured support. This is my second pair and it won’t be my last.

  18. Susan

    Just purchased Tiki girl in rose gold and cannot believe the relief I get in my feet from a pair of thongs! Fantastic fit and support…. Keep them right next to the bed now so on they go first thing in the morning. Gorgeous colour too, highly recommend.❤️

  19. wwjd777

    LOVE my Tiki Girld …The Rose Gold colour is great for everyday use as it goes with so much

  20. christine murdoch

    I buy two new pairs every summer. They are so good for my poor old tired feet. Keep up the great work.

  21. Vicky Nikulin

    Fast service, comfy things – Rose Gold Tiki Girl. Wish there were more colours ( especially metallics ) to buy. Not keen on the two tone styles, but would snap up red, orange pink etc in a heart beat!

  22. Sharyn Benson

    This is my 2nd pair of Tiki Girls and I love love love them. So comfortable and the rose gold is perfect for summer.
    Great company to deal with – super quick delivery and a great product.

  23. Tracy

    Very quick delivery ordered on Thursday arrived Friday. First pair of this style of thongs I have purchased. Took a few days to get used to.

  24. Tamis Pin

    It is great to find thongs with arch support. I bought my first pair from another brand and love them. This is the first time I bought from Footlogics to replace my old pair. The price is great with fast delivery. Highly recommend.

  25. Lay-Lin

    “Zullaz ‘Mens Slide’ – Orthotic Sandal”. Most impressed with the fast delivery & excellent customers service. Ordered a pair for my husband and he is very happy with them.

  26. Jenny V

    Extremely comfortable and pretty, too. Great for hypermobile feet, and allow me to walk pain free without my custom orthotics. Will get all the colours!

  27. Lori Smith

    Quick delivery and excellent customer service. Took a few days to get used to them. But very happy 😊

  28. Cheryl

    Tiki girl blue flowers so comfortable to wear and colourful pricing happy with no more heel spurs.

  29. Cheryl

    Tiki girl rose gold for my daughter she thinks it does wonders for her heel spurs colour is good.

  30. Rick Bleasdale

    Black men’s thongs terrific helps greatly for my painful feet thankyou pricing great and delivery wonderful.

  31. Alexandra Hamilton

    These are amazing!! They are a little bit harder than Archies thongs, but I got used to them very quickly, plus the gold colour looks really nice. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  32. Debbie

    I love my new thongs. Not only are the extremely comfortable, perfect for my plantar fasciitis, they look beautiful. I’ve only just discovered this company but will be a repeat customer. Stress free purchase with fast shipping, win win.

  33. jonandevon

    I love them, very comfortable, the arch support is great.

  34. Sue

    I now have over 6 pairs of Tiki Girl Thongs. No pain since I have been wearing these. Keep bringing out more colours & I keep buying.

  35. Mum2

    Love my new Tiki Girls

  36. Michelle

    I have been wearing orthodic thongs for about 18 months and whilst I like them they were a bit ugly, then along comes Tiki Girl !!!! Not only is the orthodic design a bit better feeling on the arch of my foot they look great and I feel better wearing them out ! Love them!

  37. Lisa

    These thongs are brilliant for planter fasciitis. I definitely recommend

  38. Donna

    Bought these for my sister for Xmas and she loves them thanks Footlogics

  39. Ramona

    Tiki Girl thongs are so comfortable! Finally a pair of thongs I can wear with plantar fascitis and experience no pain! Thank you so much 😊

  40. Deb Robinson

    This is my second purchase of these thongs. I purchased 2 pairs this time black and rose gold. Love them, so comfy and I really like the style.
    Honestly the best thongs I have worn

  41. Sue Rutherford

    I absolutely love these thongs!
    They have been a lifesaver for my plantar fasciitis. This is my second pair, and I will definitely be buying more in the future
    Delivery is super fast, and the company are great to deal with.
    Five stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  42. Krissy

    It was a present, the person loves it, thanks, and delivery was super fast.

  43. Ellen

    Perfect thongs. Comfortable and stylish. Love them.

  44. Judith

    Great thongs. Beautiful colour and the arch support is very comfortable. Speedy delivery as always.

  45. Kellie Bons

    Most comfortable thongs I have ever worn. Definitely getting more. Delivery in 2 days. Wow

  46. Amy Trinh

    I bought 2 pairs of these thongs, they’re very comfy, arch support, cushioning, lightweight, good quality, exactly as described, Now there’s a new color, rose gold, very pretty, I can’t not to have it. I had PF, thanks to Footlogics PF insoles, the pain was gone, I keep using arch support insoles and thongs from Footlogics, since then, not a single pain, my feet are good. I’m so grateful.

  47. Carol Fogarty

    Very happy with my pair of shoes. So comfortable, highly recommended. I’m sure i will be purchasing more. Such quick delivery also, well done 👍 😊

  48. Sue Lamond

    Love them they are great, had to order another pair recently as my puppy of 7 months loved them a bit too much. they are super comfy and keep my PF at bay. Oh and they look really nice. Rose Gold is my colour.

  49. Chris Smith

    So comfortable -my rose gold and black Tiki thongs.
    Was not a thong wearer until I tried these

  50. Tina

    Bought the Rose Gold Tiki Girl Thongs they are so comfortable and help with aching feet also love the colour.

  51. Denese

    Superfast delivery – Gold Coast to Adelaide in under 24hrs. Wide fitting so I needed to return and get the smaller size. New pair sent to me again within 24hrs

  52. Tanya Boswell

    I recieved my first pair of rose gold Tiki Girls thongs, I absolutely love them, they are fantastic so comfortable, great fit, love the colour.

  53. Rhonda

    I love these things, so comfortable and no foot pain! I bought the new rose gold thongs and they look fantastic!

  54. Ana Maria

    Recieved my rose gold thongs yesterday and love them! So comfortable and stylish too!

  55. Sue Power

    I received my rose gold thongs this week and I ove them. Very comfortable as I have plantar fasciitis.

  56. Ingrid Byrne

    Love this new colour! This is the second time I’ve bought these thongs. Love them. I did go a size smaller this time as they are a generous fit.

  57. Mary-Jane

    Stylish, great support and very comfortable. Helps with my bunion and metatarsalgia issues. Loving the rose gold. Also love the ripple sole which massages the sole of your feet. Quick delivery and sizing guide tips were spot on.

  58. Michele Smith

    So, so comfortable and supportive right from the first time I wore them. Great colour.
    Fantastic service to boot.
    Thank you.

  59. jeanne ronald

    very happy with the purchase and the style of the thongs and having relief

  60. Michelle Goulding

    I just received my rose gold thongs great fit & quite comfortable from the first time l wore them & they look great too. Having the arch support is wonderful for my feet.

  61. Pamela Lyons

    I now own 5 pair of Tiki Girl thongs…. absolutely best thongs I have owned, so comfy & I don’t suffer with foot pain anymore…I have grown out all other brands, as none have come even close to the comfort of these.
    Great company to deal with..
    Regards Pamela

  62. Susan

    Tiki girls rose gold thongs just arrived. Fit to size perfectly and seem to be very comfortable from the short time I’ve worn them. Very stylish, very comfortable, affordable, what’s not to love???

  63. roseandken

    My foot was paining so badly in the heel and front area when walking around the house bare foot, and when I tried wearing cheap thongs, it made my foot pain even worse. After trying your thongs for the first time, I am amazed! There is absolutely no pain whilst wearing them and they are so comfortable. I was so surprised at the fit as well, as they fit perfectly. I’ll definitely be buying more in different colours. I also love your Orthotic Insoles that I purchased for my running shoes, they help me so much. Thankyou Footlogics!

  64. sarah dixon

    Love these! already have the green and black pairs, the rose gold are a fantastic addition.
    more colors and styles please.

  65. Sapna Gupta

    Absolutely comfortable
    Nice fit, helpful in plantar fasciitis, the arch support is awesome and soft on heels. Love the product 😍

  66. Kerryn

    Recieved my Footlogics Tiki girl thongs love love LOVE them….so h appy going to order more. Feet feel great, thankyou….best arch support 💗

  67. Shani Coats

    I love love love these thongs!!!! I were orthotics and sneakers most of the time and struggle in summer for something to be able to wear around home and casually out that looks good. These thongs have great arch support and look great as well. I have the rose and black. So many comments.thanks Tiki Girl ❤

  68. Sylvia R

    Footlogics TIKI GIRL – Rose Gold
    This is the second pair of Footlogics thongs that I have bought. Great company to deal with. My podiatrist suggested I throw away my flat thongs and get a pair of orthotic moulding thongs due to my plantar faciitis. They are extremely comfortable and support the arch under my feet.

  69. Kaylene Knight

    Fantastic fit and comfort 10 out of 10. Bought the new tiki girl rose beautiful colour. Wish I could wear them at work.

  70. Margy

    Dear Manager or Creator of the best thongs ever,
    I have 3 pairs of your Tiki Girl thongs due to my plantar faciitis.
    I do not even have the words to tell you how grateful I am for this product and 
    just want to compliment you again on such an excellent design.
    Other brands designed for the same purpose never fit me right and I always 
    end up going back to my faithful Tiki Girl’s.
    I wear my orthotics in a high end runners 95% of my life and virtually all year round 
    but when that hot weather comes OMG !  Never been so grateful to be able 
    to wear thongs for several hours without causing foot pain.
    1000 thank you’s to you and your team.
    Now I see you have a rose-gold.  What a fantastic colour… this is total winner 
    as it will go with virtually everything in a woman’s wardrobe.

    Kind regards,

  71. Toni Hall

    Your thongs are the BEST. And I should know… I’ve worn A LOT of thongs in my time.

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