Zullaz ‘Ella’ – Black


Footlogics Zullaz ‘Ella’ sandals with arch support and ultra-cushioning footbed. Elastic straps for a perfect fit!



Footlogics Zullaz ‘Ella’ sandals with arch support, cushioning footbed and elastic straps

  • a breakthrough in walking comfort!
  • soft orthotic sandal developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides immediate relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) ball of foot pain etc
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • anatomical arch support contours your feet perfectly
  • light as a feather!
  • ultra-cushioning footbed, made of ‘ReSorb Plus’
  • elastic strap in the centre and back for a perfect fit
  • shock-absorbing E.V.A. outsole with anti-slip rubber pads
  • Click Sizing Tab for accurate sizing. Please measure your foot length before ordering!

Price: $59.95 per pair + FREE SHIPPING

90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy

Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on 1300 788 119


  1. Catherine Johnson

    These are so good, I have been having so much foot pain and these are just the thing for around the house and garden. So comfortable yet supportive.

  2. Kelly Igglesden

    Thank you for my new arch support shoes, these are super light and very comfortable, they feel like walking on air.. The straps are perfect as the stretch makes it easy to get on and off..definitely a winner in my books and I highly recommend them..

  3. Cat Murphy

    Wow! For someone who has the widest but smallest feet EVER plus the added drama of the highest arches you’ve ever seen, these shoes are FABULOUS! They stretch so easily to fit my wide foot in and the smallest size fits me perfectly! So happy with these and can’t wait to buy the other colour. MORE COLOUR OPTIONS PLEASE!

  4. Deb Kuhn

    I love my Ella shoes. They are super comfortable and easy to wear all day. They look very stylish,
    Delivery was super fast.

  5. Deb Kuhn

    I love my Ella shoes. They are super comfortable and fit perfectly and don’t look like granny shoes.
    Delivery was super fast.

  6. kjosephine7120

    Just recently purchased these sandals. They are so comfortable. After suffering from plantar fascitiis for a very long time these have given me so much support. I have found it difficult to find sandals/shoes for my feet for so long, finally found something that is so comfy to wear all day. Thank you Footlogics.

  7. r hillier

    Have had ongoing pain for years in 1 foot with no diagnosis… arch tendon ? gets hard & inflamed. Back of heel began hurting recently. So I bought yet another pair of shoes !!! These have been great my foot is sooo much better. thankyou . true to size

  8. Tash

    I love the ‘Zullaz’ line. Both the ‘active’’ and the ‘ella’ fit perfectly. Due to Plantar Fasciitis they are the only thongs and sandals that I wear, ever!

  9. Angela Vandellis

    These are great summer footwear. The khaki sandals are ideal but, when I first wore the black sandals, smudges from the black dye were left on the tops of my toes.

  10. Lissa Ashcroft

    Light as a feather and support arches. Excellent customer service when contacted about a small issue and super fast delivery. Great shoes and good Aussie company.

  11. Kay Morgan

    I was surprised at how quickly my footlogics were delivered. The shoes are smart and comfortable – am very happy with them.

  12. Joy Burston

    After suffering a sprained ankle a few months ago and wearing only sneakers it was time to buy a sandal for the summer. I have previously very happily bought Footlogics orthotics for a neuroma and plantar fasciitis, so was eager to try the Ella sandal. It is very light, comfortable and most importantly my foot feels secure. Highly recommended.

  13. Domenica ciurleo

    These are really comfortable as well as stylish! Ella sandals provide amazing support throughout the day they are light and look really cool.

  14. Ingrid Martin

    I only received them yesterday, but wore them right away. They are so comfortable.
    Might have to get another pair – They are great and true to size.

  15. Teresa

    First time consumer, and I must say, these shoes are amazing!! I’m on my feet all day and I feel like I’m walking on comfy clouds. Perfect for work. Very supportive arch support, cannot complain at all. Do your feet a favour and buy a pair. You will not regret it.

  16. Allison C

    Light and comfortable around the house. Not good for walking further; stretchy bands stained feet with black colour and very noisy squeaky sound when I walked to and from my local shops.

  17. Leanne

    Just got them very light and spongy should be great after a long day on my feet. Like the strap around ankle and that they dont look like old people shoes

  18. Maxine Townsend

    I bought these a few weeks ago and they are wonderful. Light weight, great arch support and finally I can wear something other than closed shoes without pain.

  19. Felicity Brown

    Comfortable and very reasonably priced sandals. I bought them to wear around the house, as bare feet are very painful for me. The sizing was spot on, and they arrived very quickly. I definitely recommend these to anyone with foot pain.

  20. Claudia

    Having had plantar fasciitis a few years ago and feeling twinges of it returning in my other heel, I decided to google suitable summer sandals with arch support and cushioning. I came across Foot logics and after reading the positive reviews decided to give the Zulla Sandals a try. I got a black and a tan pair. They were priced reasonably, and didn’t look like granny shoes (as some shoes designed to support arches can be). I was very impressed with the processing time from purchase to delivery and even more impressed with how they immediately felt comfortable! We heel felt so much better and my feet also. Sizing for these sandals are true to size. I have had many complements about my Zulla sandals and comments about how comfortable they look. I have even referred a couple of work colleagues to Foot Logics to give them a try!
    I was so happy with my new sandals, I have decided to try their Women’s Slides and a pair of the material looking thongs. Highly recommend you give them a try!

  21. Judith

    Bought the Ella sandals to help recovery from self-diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis, giving me something supportive to wear around the house rather than going barefoot. They were true to size, with my measurements recommending Euro 41 (I am normally a size 10 in Australian sizes). I have a pretty narrow foot so was concerned they might be too loose or too wide but they fit very well. Have been wearing for about two weeks, mostly just indoors, and so far very happy and would recommend. Have not tried outdoors on longer walks yet.

  22. Carrie Jackson

    Recently diagnosed with fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, and had left it way too long before going to podiatrist. I was in immense pain but unable to keep off my foot. After reading the reviews here, I thought these might provide some relief. I put them on as soon as they arrived and was amazed that almost instantly I could stand on my foot again! I’m still recovering but these shoes have made a massive difference in what I can do.

  23. Marilyn Williams

    For years, I have dreaded the onset of summer. I wear orthothics with ease in winter shoes but summer always meant wearing closed in shoes and suffering from hot feet.
    I have tested “Ella” and found that I can leave the orthotics in the closed in shoes because there is enough arch support for me to walk at least 1 km without issue in my new “Ella” sandals. The added bonus is that they don’t look like geriatric shoes.

  24. Deborah

    Brilliant fit, light weight sandals with great arch support, and comfortable.
    I love that they don’t look like old lady sandals, I’ll be wearing them this Summer, now I don’t have to resort to wearing joggers with my casual clothes.

  25. Anna

    Very Comfortable and supportive, the Elastic straps are nice and stretchy,and they look great on. Will definitely be buying another pair.

  26. Katreena Thenberg

    SOO comfortable will definitely be buying again in future. So happy with everything thankyou!

  27. Lucy

    Recently purchased Zullaz ‘Ella along with the Zullaz thongs, my feet took to the thongs straight away but the sandles are taking a bit longer however, I’ll wear them in as directed for an hour a day at first and give my feet a chance to get used to them and I’m sure they will be fine. I’m looking forward to ‘not having to wear sneakers with a dress ‘ this summer.

  28. Trisha

    I purchased the Ella shoes to wear casually at home or shopping as I suffer from Planta Fasciitis. I was in so much pain after wearing my work shoes in the Office the other day that I could hardly walk and I had no idea what shoes to wear to work. I decided to wear my Ella shoes with thick stockings and they honestly relieved so much of my pain. They are super lightweight with the right support and it made my heel pain bearable. I just wish you had a shoe similar that was close toed for Wintery days.


    A great and comfortable sandal that supports in just the right places and its spongy comfort is great when busy each day and constantly on my feet. You almost forget that you have them on.

  30. Lisa

    Light, comfortable and attractive. Just a little too big for me. They refunded my money speedily and took the time to see how they could find a better fit. Great customer service.

  31. Sandee

    Great cushioning for all the foot especially good for my plantar plate injury. Only slight downside is when my feet get sweaty, they tend to slide a bit in the shoe because the elastic moves (as it is meant to). But the comfort level overall is fantastic and they are reasonably stylish.

  32. Dianne Lomas

    Having been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis recently I purchased a pair of the Ella sandals. After a week I purchased an addition pair and have cut the back straps off one pair so I can just use as a slip on around the house. Also purchased the orthotics to put in my joggers and really happy with all items. I have found they have relieved the heel pain together with Physio and daily exercises.

  33. Terri Fisher

    Instant relief as soon as I put them on. They’re a perfect fit & so light.

  34. H

    I nearly didn’t buy these but sooo glad I did. I’ve been wearing them everyday. It’s nice to get relief for my feet. Impressive fast delivery too. Thanks Footlogics 😉

  35. Amanda Barnes

    Follows current styles, and super comfortable. I followed the advice of another reviewer: Helen Hagemann, and added a couple of cms to my foot measurement to choose what size to order. They fit really well due to doing that. I am not pushed too far forward in the sandal as others have mentioned. These sandals are lovely and spongy and stay in place, they don’t hang off due to the heel strap, so extra, extra comfortable. Also, true overnight service! I was so pleased they arrived so quickly, I have no hesitation in recommending Footlogics or Ella sandals. Everything is perfect. Thankyou.

  36. Joanne Woodbridge

    Ella is a fantastic light sandal with support in all the right places. Metatarsalgia pain is gone. I slip them on first thing, no more barefoot limping to the kitchen. Elastic back pushes my feet too far forward so have pushed the elastic to the front and use them as slip-ons. Great buy.

    • admin

      We are so glad you are loving them as much as we do! Thank you for your feedback.

  37. Helen Hagemann

    I absolutely love my Zulla – Ella sandals. They are so comfy and a perfect fit. You definitely have to measure your foot and add a couple of cms to get the right size. And oh! grease lightening postage. I live in WA and they came from Queensland in a matter of 4 business days. Thank you guys for a nice looking orthotic summer sandal. I have recommended them to my daughter. Cheers, Helen

  38. Gwenda

    I am very happy with these comfortable light shoes. I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I wanted a shoe with support that could help and did not really want to wear closed in shoes in summer. These have been the answer I was looking for. My foot pain has receded after only wearing them for two days. I am very happy with how they look and what they appear to have done to help my problem foot. I would recommend

  39. Lucy

    My new favourite shoe! Super stylish, lightweight and very supportive. I wore these shoes all day with no foot pain. I suffer form flat arches and these definitely helped!

  40. Karen Wardlow

    Gives great arch support. I can walk for much longer without ankle or foot pain. The back sling strap is a little loose but I have made a small adjustment. Love them

  41. Monika

    These are really comfortable as well as stylish! Ella sandals provide amazing support throughout the day and look really cool.

  42. Sonia Groen

    I was looking for a sandal with arch support that wasn’t a thong style and so I bought the Ella. My shoe size is 7.5(38) so the 8(39) works well in sandals. I found the 8 size a little on the short side lengthwise. However I am getting used to it and do like the lightness of rhe materials.

  43. Vicki

    Very comfortable, definitely helped my plantar fasciitis. Love being able to just throw these straight on, the built in arch support works well.

  44. Jhaneen

    Very comfy pair of summer sandals. Light, plenty of stretch. Nice to get straight into wearing a pair of shoes barefoot and not get any blisters.

  45. Jo Seery

    I love my new Ella’s. They are comfortable, fit perfectly and are light. The built in supports are brilliant. I can’t wear things so these are so much appreciated. Great buy

  46. Kerry

    Very comfortable shoes. I would recommend them for comfort and support. And the delivery was incredibly fast!

  47. Karen Metcalfe

    These are so light and comfortable with great arch support and I love that they do not look like old lady shoes .Also the delivery was so fast .Well Done

  48. Athena Hains

    Footlogics saves my feet again! When I finally consulted Dr Google after weeks of heel pain, I discovered I have plantar fasciitis in both my feet. Ouch. I saw an email for these new sandals in my inbox at the same time and decided to try them out as Footlogics has never let me down. Not only did they arrive the next day just in time for me to start a new job that requires more walking to and from train stations, they were bliss from day one. Between wearing these ALL day (even with my work attire), stretching and using ice packs on my heat my pain has gone from awful (8/10) to bearable (4/10). Thank you for another amazing product Footlogics! I have been wearing your insoles for years and wouldn’t be without them. Highly recommended.

  49. Alice Kozlowski

    my Ella sandals are the best.. so light and comfortable, the arch support is great & having the back strap gives extra support. These will be my go to summer sandal…..feels like walking on a cloud… I would recommend to anyone.

  50. Joyce

    These are amazing! So worth the price. I love them even more than I thought I would. The stretchy straps are so comfortable and supportive. They are like walking on a cloud. I can’t recommend these enough. I love the other Footlogics thongs as well but I know these sandals will be my daily go to with a modern and neat casual look.
    Thank you to Richard and Carla at Footlogics for their excellent customer service, going above and beyond to ensure I was fitted right and happy with my purchase.

  51. lois small

    Wonderful light weight shoes that give good arch support. The back band holds my foot more securely than thongs. The straps are all stretchy so there are no tight fits.

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Zullaz ‘Ella’ size US
Your foot length
Euro 36 Wom 5.5 – 6 22 – 22.9 cm
Euro 37 Wom 6.5 – 7 23 – 24 cm
Euro 38 Wom 7.5 – 8 24.1 – 24.7 cm
Euro 39 Wom 8 – 8.5 24.8 – 25.4 cm
Euro 40 Wom 9 – 9.5 25.5 – 26 cm
Euro 41 Wom 9.5 – 10 26.1 – 26.7 cm
Euro 42 Wom 10 – 10.5 26.8 – 27.3 cm
Euro 43 Wom 11 – 11.5 27.4 – 28 cm

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Even if you have worn the product for a while and/or have trimmed the insoles with scissors, you will still be able to receive a full refund. As soon as we have received the orthotics back from you, we debit your credit card or Paypal account.

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