4 Relaxation Strategies for a Stress-Free Living

On a daily basis, we face numerous stressors at work, school, and in our personal lives. While most of the time we’re able to handle stressful situations with ease and move on to the next challenge, when stress becomes prolonged and constant, it starts having negative effects on our mental and physical health. In this […]

5 Things to Look For In a New Pair of Shoes

As summer approaches, chances are you will find yourself on the hunt for some new shoes. Whether you need something active, dressy or just something to get you from the beach to the pub and back again, there are a few things to look for to make sure your new kicks don’t do you any […]

3 Reasons Walking is the Perfect Lockdown Workout

What strange times we find ourselves in. While some of the country has all but gone back to normal, Melbourne and parts of Victoria are still in the grips of the most intense lockdown Australia has ever seen.  Keeping in line with these new regulations can take a big toll on your health, so we […]

Training for a marathon made easy

Ming Chen is a Hong Kong-based working mother who is fond of running marathons. Yes, she does it for fun and has been doing it for the past 30 years, making here average come to more than two marathons a year.

Best oils for Arthritis

You know there are oils that can help you in your joint problems? This came as a shock to us too but then there are researches and studies that prove the assumption correct. Some physicians will readily suggest you to include certain oils in your diet and by doing that you will be doing yourself […]

The benefits of soaking your feet

Soak your feet in vinegar and relieve them of pain You know there are so many things that affect the health of our feet. It is not just the bacteria that our socks contain after a long, sweaty session at the gym but also the latent fatigue that our feet and other joints suffer from […]