Best Beverages for Arthritis

You are not always what you eat and thus don’t go solely by this saying. Although there are some instances that make you want to believe in it but then again believe in them only when they are backed by evidence to support the claim made. People don’t usually put enough thought into what they’re […]

Side Effects of Vitamin D

Is There A Thing Such As Too Much Vitamin D? Vitamin D is good for our body and especially for our bone and joint health. There are situations that call for us to have stronger bones and more than flexible joints. This makes Vitamin D extremely important for us.

The Twisted Story Of A Twisted Ankle

Yes, ankles are tricky. As we discussed before, they take up almost all of our body weight and this fact gets reinforced every time we feel our ankles getting tired or twisted due to over working or over burdening them. Whether it is a gym session or an aerobics class or some activity like running […]

Sarah Murdoch puts her best foot forward to launch a step-a-thon for kids.

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute ambassador Sarah Murdoch has teamed up with swimmer Stephanie Rice and launched a new program for kids to encourage primary schoolers to become more active and raise money at the same time! It's called Step-a-thon and will run from the 2nd to the 8th of September. Children mus

Aborigine Sensation Dominates New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is an annual event that draws runners and joggers from all over the world. No matter your skill level, the marathon is simply perfect for running enthusiasts and aficionados. While the East Africans have dominated the event in recent years, the latest victory belongs to a continent of Aboriginal

Canberra Black Mountain Run Up

The Black Mountain Run Up is a weekly series hosted by the Australian Mountain Running Association. The running and walking events are held on the third Tuesday of every month, and feature runners and walkers of all levels. The events are always free and continue to soar in regional and national popularity. As part o

Fewer People Addressing Their Foot Problems These Days

Foot problems are continuing to soar at alarming rates. As part of our weekly blog series, Footlogics has offered timely and effective solutions for those suffering from common foot ailment. This includes plantar fasciitis, along with flat feet and other issues. While most people have benefitted from using our custom o

The Many Health Benefits of Walking

TThere are several health benefits associated with walking. Whether on treadmills or around the block, walking exercises nearly every muscle, tendon, and joint in the body. It is also a great way to burn calories and fat, while effectively shedding those unwanted pounds. Like jogging and running, walking is designed

5 Great Walking Destinations

WWhile we discussed the many health benefits of walking in our last post, today we cover some of the great walking destinations in the world. From hiking and biking to walking trails, there are plenty of paths nestled in serene and tranquil environments. Several of these walking paths are also located in state parks

Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot care is simply essential for any person – no matter the age. Sadly, many of us often overlook foot pain and tension in our daily lives. This is due to work and family life, which leaves us little to no time to take care of the foot. While aching muscles is synonymous with foot pain, injuries can also occur a