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Side Effects of Vitamin D

Is There A Thing Such As Too Much Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is good for our body and especially for our bone and joint health. There are situations that call for us to have stronger bones and more than flexible joints. This makes Vitamin D extremely important for us.

The Twisted Story Of A Twisted Ankle

Yes, ankles are tricky. As we discussed before, they take up almost all of our body weight and this fact gets reinforced every time we feel our ankles getting tired or twisted due to over working or over burdening them. Whether it is a gym session or an aerobics class or some activity like running a marathon or trekking excursions, our ankles take a lot of toll and we often fall short when it comes to taking care of them.

Hiking Seeing Resurgence in Popularity

Hiking continues to soar in global popularity. From North America to Europe, there are countless hiking enthusiasts that are truly enjoying Mother Nature at her finest. In the past, this activity was pretty much relegated to serious hikers and walkers.

5 Great Walking Destinations

While we discussed the many health benefits of walking in our last post, today we cover some of the great walking destinations in the world. From hiking and biking to walking trails, there are plenty of paths nestled in serene and tranquil environments.