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Avoiding Common Foot Complaints this Summer 

While injuries to the feet can occur at any time of year, the festive season and the craziness of the summer months makes it easy to forget to take care of our feet. Here are four common foot complaints from the summer season and our tips to avoid them. 

  • Sprained Ankle

What causes it? 

Sprained ankles typically occur when your ankle is forced to move outside its normal range of motion, causing ligaments in the ankle to tear. This happens most often when you land in an awkward position, walk or run on uneven surfaces or wear non-supportive footwear. 

How to prevent it:

Luckily, sprained ankles are relatively easy to avoid. Ensure you warm up before exercising, take care when walking or running on uneven surfaces and wear supportive footwear. If you want to cool off this summer, check out our range of men’s and women’s thongs with great arch support. 

  • Cracked Heels

What causes it?

Dry, cracked heels can be painful and all too common in the warmer months. The causes range from relatively simple issues like poorly fitting, open-heeled footwear and fungal infections to more serious medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and hypothyroidism. 

How to prevent it:

Treatment for cracked heels will depend on the cause. If you are concerned that your cracked heels may be a symptom of something more serious, it’s a good idea to see your doctor. 

  • Hairline Fractures

Also known as a stress fracture, this common injury is essentially a small crack or bruise within the bone.

What causes it?

Common among athletes, hairline fractures are caused by repetitive actions without adequate rest in between, with the damage being done over time, rather than in one event. Because of the amount of stress placed on our heels and ankles during actions like running and jumping, our feet are especially prone to hairline fractures. 

How to prevent it:

Considering hairline fractures have the potential to develop into more serious injuries, it’s important to do your best to prevent them. The best way to do this is to ensure you are using the correct technique when exercising, wearing supportive footwear and maintaining a healthy diet to keep your bones strong. 

  • Fungal Infections

While fungal infections like athlete’s foot or tinea can occur year-round, they tend to be more common in summer. 

What causes it?

Bacteria that cause fungal infections typically lives in hot, moist environments — think gym changing rooms, pools and steam rooms. Because these are often places that people will walk barefoot, the bacteria can thrive between the toes and under toenails. 

How to prevent it:

The most simple form of prevention is to wear shoes when in these environments. Check out our range of thongs that also provide arch support. The good news is, if you find yourself with a fungal infection, most cases are treatable with an over the counter topical cream.