Orthotic Sandals with arch support



Footlogics offers a range of orthotic sandals with built-in biomechanical arch support and cushioning footbeds for ultimate walking comfort! During summer, sunny weather encourages you to go out and enjoy yourself. And you probably prefer to do this in a pair of comfortable sandals. Say goodbye to closed-in shoes and hello to thongs and sandals! Unfortunately, often wearing sandals means less comfort. Because most sandals don’t really offer much support for your feet. Luckily, Footlogics has a wide range of sandals with a good supportive footbed. And even better, they look great too!

Walk in comfort with our arch support sandals

Now you can enjoy waking comfort all summer long. Say good-bye to flat unsupportive sandals and start to walk in comfort again with Footlogics. Many people wear orthotic insoles inside their shoe, whether they are store-bought or custom-made, one thing is for sure: they are almost impossible to fit into sandals or thongs. Footlogics comes to the rescue with a range of biomechanical sandals that provide a proper arch support. The pre-formed anatomic footbed feels amazing to walk on. Not just because of the arch support but also since the footbed is made of a super-cushioning ReSorb Plus material that helps relieve many foot complaints including heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia).