How orthotics can help elderly people

Health is the most important criteria in people’s lives. It is said that health is wealth, if we have good health then we can have the capability to enjoy other stuffs. Ignoring health for any other reason is just not appreciated. If you suffer from any ailment you need to visit the doctors again and again where you will be treated with various kinds of medicines. In addition, it is also said that prevention is better than cure. If you doubt any kind of discomfort in your body, it is better to consult and take advice/cure from medical doctors instead of sitting at home and cribbing about it. In today’s advanced world of technology you will get a cure for almost anything. You just need to have a good diagnosis then you can have treatments started that will cure your ailment. Earlier, it was supposed that diseases attack the body when we grow old but today, there is no age to have a disease. Ranging from small children to elderly people, all suffer from one or the other kind of disease, may be due to changes in lifestyle or eating habits. However, medical sciences have also gone far in producing medicines for different kinds of diseases ensuring good health to everyone. Foot problems in the elderly are now quite common.

The most common foot complaints seen in the elderly patient are Metatarsalgia (burning pain in the ball of the foot), Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain and heel spur), as well as Arthritis and Diabetes.

Orthotics is one such medical field that takes care of structural and functional characteristics of neuromuscular and skeletal system. Most particularly in old ages people suffer from knee or joint pain and they seek for solutions that can heal their pain. Orthotics for elderly people is available that can find effective solutions for such problems. Orthotics can cure any type of ailment related to spinal cord injury, stroke and other related to musculoskeletal systems.

Combining possibilities of all knowledge of anatomy, lower limb biomechanics, physiology and engineering, medical people have introduced the use of orthotics to benefit patients suffering from neuro muscular problems and also for other purposes like enhancing performance in sports or avoiding injuries. Orthotics involves usage of orthoses which is a medical device that supports skeletal system and assists general movement. The device also aids recovery from fractures after cast removal, corrects the function or shape of the body and controls and guides joint or body segment movement. Orthoses devices are manufactured from latest technologies using CAD/CAM and CNC machines, also 3D printing are used.   The body material is made up of thermoplastics/carbon fibre/elastic/metals/fabric, etc. or using the combination of one or two similar materials. These are well fitted with supportive structures like Velcro. There are orthoses available for upper limbs as well as lower limbs. Upper limb orthoses are applied to upper arm, elbow, forearm-wrist-arm support, etc. and lower limb orthoses are applied to foot, ankle-foot and knee-ankle-foot support. Spinal orthoses are also available in the form of body jackets that stabilize involved spinal fractures. Foot orthotics and orthotic insoles are very common that comprise footbed fitted into a shoe. It helps to realign foot joints making it easy to stand, walk or run. Elderly people can make use of these orthotic devices whenever they find problem in their joints/muscles with the consult with doctors and physicians.

Orthotics for people with sensitive feet

There is one reliable orthotic device known as Footlogics Sensi which is useful for arthritic patients and the elderly recovering from minor foot injuries. It reduces pressure and feet friction distributing the forces while walking that protects sensitive area from excess pressure and ulceration. It also helps with the patients who have foot injuries due to diabetics. These devices improve circulation in feet and sensitivity. The footlogics sensi products are soft, non-friction insoles that provide archs support for foot. People have benefitted from these orthotic insoles widely which reduce back pains and improve body posture. Alignment of all the bones and joints is vitally important for pain-free functioning of the foot and other skeletal body parts. Assuring effective support for the foot affected with any kind of injury and deformity, the orthotic devices hold tendons, ligaments and muscles in right position. There are many products available in the market for the same purpose but you need to choose the right one considering its comfort, high quality and long term use.

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