Orthotics in the news

People seeking treatment for arthritis, sports injury, knee and joint problems as well as foot pain can now rely on the effectiveness of orthotic therapy. With the latest know-how and advancement of biomechanical science, there has been possibility of providing relief from many muscle and tendon-related complaints. Scientists have been putting efforts and due to their research breakthroughs on orthotics, patients have got relief from the suffering of joint, knees, muscles, sports injury etc. Maintaining good health is utmost priority in person’s life and therefore taking care of all kinds of ailments providing effective treatment is on every person’s to-do list.

There are numerous kinds of aches and pains related to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. One of the more common foot complaints is heel pain. People usually feel a typical pain after resting for long especially while getting up from the bed in the mornings, they need to first warm up their body, give a good blood circulation to the feet and then can get up. Relieving this agonizing foot complaint, orthotics have brought up a good solution. With the help of arch supports and foot insoles, orthotics provide excellent relief for patients.

The risks associated with joints and muscles can lead to more complex conditions for any group of people, be it active sportsmen/women, overweight people, pregnant women, people working on their feet all the time, middle-aged and elderly people, arthritis patients, diabetic patients or people who wear shoes offering little or no support and stability. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution to these problems before they get worse. Also to treat conditions like Achilles Tendonitis, orthotics have been in news as many physiotherapists in Australia now practise foot assessment, gait analysis and offer biomechanical correction with the help of orthotic devices. Orthotic therapy gives physiotherapists another option in addition to more traditional treatment such as joint mobilisation massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture and dry needling.

Keeping fit is a vital task for human and trying every possibility to regain our lost fitness is greatly valued. It is well understood why preventing any kind of medical trauma or condition is better than curing it. Therefore, with the medical advancements of today we have the opportunity to stay on top of our health. For example, restoring our natural foot biomechanics and body posture, orthotics can help people live a normal life without any pain. You can return to your work, practice exercise and sports without the risk of injury. It is always recommended to wear good supportive shoes to everyone, as poorly designed footwear can damage ligaments and cause injuries.  An effective treatment is the need of the hour for people suffering from knee/joint/spinal/muscle pains. There are supportive foot orthotic insoles available in the market and choosing the precise one will work for you.

Specialization in the provision of orthoses (devices) is done by healthcare professionals who are named as orthotists. There are many types of lower-limb orthoses available for treatment of the foot and ankle, knee-ankle-foot orthoses, knee orthosis, functional and rehabilitation or spinal braces.  All of these are externally applied for a controlled position and motion of the concerned part, to compensate for weakness caused and correct deformities. They give relief to athletes, elderly and everyone preventing the formation of ulcers in case of risk with diabetes. Another variety are upper-limb orthoses and these are designed to support the shoulder, arm elbow, forearm-wrist etc. These upper-limb orthoses are also in the news for the same functionality of relief and structural & functional improvement. Well fitted devices provide a good support to the affected portion of the body be it upper-limb or the lower-limb. Going to the trustworthy vendor is essential to attain satisfaction and effectiveness in treatment.

Today orthotic devices are manufactured and designed using different materials like plastic, glass-fibre, metals, elastic, etc. Using latest CAD/CAM techniques and 3D printing method, experts are engaged in creation of this useful device that aids people to run, walk or run. In addition, a wide range of so-called pre-made orthotics are on the market, which can be prove equally effective for many people, depending on the severity of their foot or leg condition. The pre-made devices can be dispensed quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost of custom-made orthoses.


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