How orthotics help with knee pain

Knee pain is very common, especially in elderly. Women face a lot of problem after a certain age due to the change in their body cycle and knee pain is one of the symptoms.  It is difficult to properly walk and do day to day activities at ease due to the pain. It is complex for us to understand the anatomy, biomechanics and function of the knee but easier to understand how orthotics help with knee pain. According to new studies, orthotics is a general term correctly used for a device, insole or an arch support that alters the functionality and biomechanics of the foot and therefore foot orthotics or simply orthotics is the means that can prevent and improve knee pain. Now, we have some points that would justify the work process of orthotics and its effective healing techniques:

  • by changing the force distribution throughout the foot and the ankle, as a result changing the force distribution along the knee.
  • orthotics provide the function of cushioning thereby reducing the pressure through foot, ankle and therefore knee.
  • orthotics may change the alignment of foot, ankle and therefore knee; such as by controlling rolling in of the foot called as over-pronation that leads to worse situation like osteoarthritis. Over-pronation causes the break-down of kneecap cartilage and leads to sore knees and legs.
  • Smooth alignment of knee by controlling the internal rotation of the lower leg and the knee.

These factors help achieve the objective of orthotics thereby relieving the pain and knees. There are a number of orthotic devices available in the market, in form of knee pads also made of different materials. Soft ones are beneficial for cushioning and semi-rigid ones provide stability with good shock absorption and orthotics which are rigid at maximum provide great support and top most stability. Our foot and knees get adapted to any kind of orthotics with time. Custom made orthotics can be created that help you achieve insoles and knee pads as per your sizes and requirements. These insoles can be fit into any shoes and knee pads can be worn around the knees while walking, running and playing. Comfortable and adjustable orthotics should be used by patients which are properly designed and which have reliable manufacturing.

You should also choose orthotics according to your shoe style and fitting. Poor quality orthotics may make conditions even worse. One should immediately consult with the medical practitioner if the device is rendering some kind of irritation in the skin or is extra rigid. One should give proper time and have patience with the pain while using orthotics since sometimes it may take longer period to show its effectiveness. However, it is assured that you will certainly gain benefits and you will have much improvised condition with the knee pain. For better results, you should take advice from physiotherapists as he or she can suggest what type of orthotics can suit you the most.

To gain quick recovery, it is better to take help from the doctors and follow the instructions given by them. Orthotics provides support to the injured part of legs and therefore helps in reducing the pain. Within weeks you will gain confidence about the actual mechanization of orthotics and enjoy your daily activities to the fullest. It helps in distributing your body weight evenly to major portions of the body. It makes running also easier by promoting proper movement of knee, foot, ankle and heel. Exercises are also recommended along with the usage of orthotics for better and quick remedy.

It is good to remember that health is equivalent to the wealth accumulated; therefore we should not ignore any kind of ailment we face in the body. One should try to get the treatment as soon as possible after the diagnosis. Medicine has done wonders to the lives of many and one should have a deep faith in increasing use of science and technology. With the advancement of medical field, it has been a great relief to thousand of people in the world and every disease has its own cause, way of treatment and period of wellness and full recovery, so people should have patience and follow the medication.


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